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Maverick Medical Education is not simply a business opportunity for our founders and instructors. Instead, we are a committed group of educators who want to continue learning and teaching others about how to more effectively reduce and manage pain throughout the country. This concept shines through when you speak to any of our Mavericks, like James Stockman, CRNA.

Why did you decide to become a Maverick instructor?

While in school, James found himself interested in regional anesthesia. Because of this growing curiosity, James began to teach himself new techniques while working hard for his patients. Once he got in contact with David Gaskin, it seemed like a natural fit to work through Maverick courses.

From there, a true mentorship was created as James learned, practiced, and became efficient at the different blocks and methods. With that expertise, he wanted to give back and to empower other CRNAs to learn more about serving their communities. James loves to get phone calls and text messages from students exclaiming their satisfaction with knowledge put into practice and hearing about their patient and fellow medical practitioner’s compliments of a job well done.

What techniques have you taught and demonstrated in the lab portion of the course?

James not only teaches the Essentials course on a regular basis, but also helped to write some of the content for the Advanced Regional course, along with Jason Whitely. James considers this the next step in his proficiency, not just to teach and guide new students on the techniques, but also to be able to condense his experiences into the lecture and learning portion of the course. He especially focuses in on what he calls “underappreciated blocks” like the super scapular which aren’t used as often as he would recommend. With each course and each class, more and more students are learning to become proficient at relieving pain in multiple ways.

What is your favorite course to teach and why?

James’ favorite courses are two fold. He loves the Advanced Regional course because of his technical expertise and devotion to the content he helped create. Having that experience writing a course means he retains personal investment in the success that carries over to each student.

However, James is also a life long learner and delights in teaching the Chronic Pain Management course just as much. He is able to continue learning as he teaches and relishes in the differences between the acute pain management of his daily work and chronic pain management dealt with in this course, calling it a “different animal.”

Why do you think Maverick’s approach to continued medical education is effective, and why would you recommend it to others?

There are so many components that elevate Maverick above all other continued education courses for medical practitioners in this area. James values the commitment that every instructor has for their students and for teaching as many people as possible how to better serve their patients and community. The flipped classroom model also brings measurable advantages as students come armed with content knowledge to the lab portion and are able to focus and hone in on repetition on skills. Lastly, James emphasizes the quality of the program, from communication to support to the unique lab setting with pulsatile cadavers and hands on experience. This combination is not often seen in these settings and Maverick is consistent with their work.

Each of our Maverick Instructors is focused on helping our students learn as much in each course as possible. To learn more about them or about the courses we offer, contact us today.

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