Take your regional anesthesia expertise to the next level! After completing our advanced-level online pre-learning modules, you’ll attend a two-day cadaver lab to practice more difficult fascial plane blocks and enhance your ultrasound skills. This course is designed for students already familiar with the use of ultrasound and regional nerve blocks and builds on nerve block skills and adds six additional blocks to your regional anesthesia training.

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Students complete online pre-learning modules to prepare for the hands-on proficiency lab. During the two-day proficiency lab, with guidance by experienced Maverick instructors, students practice the six advanced blocks in a clinical setting using state-of-the art ultrasound equipment and cadavers.

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Proficiency Lab

Once students feel confident in their proficiency of the material, they will test their knowledge with instructors. Upon successful completion of course requirements, each student earns a Certificate of Proficiency.

The proficiency lab program has been approved by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists for 16.00 Class A CE credits; Code Number 1035992; Expiration Date 4/20/2019.

Blocks & Techniques

The following blocks and techniques are taught as part of our Regional Anesthesia - Advanced Course:

  • Continuous Peripheral Nerve Block Catheter Techniques & Management
  • Erector Spinae
  • Paravertebral
  • PECs 1 and 2
  • Quadratus Lumborum
  • Suprascapular
  • TAP
  • Genicular

Regional Anesthesia Advanced Techniques Complete Course

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Online-Only Didactic Program

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  • All course days begin at 8:00am.

  • Saturdays finish by 5pm.

  • Sunday afternoon is open stations and flexible to those with flights to catch.


  • $2,600 / full course

  • $1,100 / online-only didactic

Earn 10 Class A AANA Continue Education hours

This online program (Advanced Techniques), includes instruction for the following nerve blocks:

  • Erector Spinae
  • Paravertebral
  • PECs 1&2
  • Quadradus Lumborum
  • Suprascapular
  • Genicular

The program is not your typical “death-by-PowerPoint”!  Consisting of interactive learning modules, it uses the most comprehensive and proven learning methodology or pedagogy in education today.  The modules include pre-testing, mid-term and post-program testing along with many test your understanding exercises.  It allows the learner to engage at their own pace and to come-and-go as necessary.

Maverick’s interactive online education program was developed by practicing CRNAs with many years of experience in the field of regional anesthesia, education experts in the field of Pedagogy from Texas A&M University and instructional design professions.

Note: Once all requirements have been met for this program, participants may attend a scheduled cadaver lab for this program at a later date for an additional fee of $1320.

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In order for each participant to have access to the online program and to provide individual information, please register each attendee separately.

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