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From reading about our first set of instructors, it is clear to see the passion Maverick Medical Education brings to teaching, guiding, and leading medical practitioners to more comprehensive, thorough, and cutting edge care. Our programs and courses are centralized around learning new methods to give your patients the best possible prognosis and treatment. In order to provide quality education, our team must be equally passionate about our goals and have the experience to lean on during teaching time. Our growing number of instructors pull on a vast array of knowledge, and we are excited to introduce them to you in this two part series.

Amy Thompson, Sonographer

Amy spent seven years at the University of Vermont Medical Center working as a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer and as a Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer, as a quality assurance leader, and also as an instructor at Champlain College. She currently serves in multiple roles. First, she is the Director for the Cardiology Sonography Program at MedQuest College, located in Lexington, Kentucky. Additionally, she is a program specialist for the Accrediting Bureau for Health Education Schools and is also an associate professor at the University of Vermont, Medical Center. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her two fur babies and is an avid football fan.

Masson D. Farmer, DNP, CRNA, FASPM

Masson enjoys teaching regional anesthesia and helping to simplify and streamline the practitioner’s approaches, specifically in regards to improved efficiency and success of neural blockade. He practices in a small hospital and strives to be a regional anesthesia resource to his surgical and anesthesia colleagues. When he is not practicing or teaching anesthesia, he can be found on his land with his wife and two children, tending to their animals.

Jason Whiteley, CRNA

Jason has been teaching ultrasound guided regional anesthesia to CRNAs, SRNAs, and RRNAs for years, both through Maverick and at multiple schools in their nurse anesthesia programs. He earned his MS in Health Sciences in 1999 and his Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice in 2011 from Texas Wesleyan. His education continued as he completed his fellowship for Post Graduate Certification in Pain Management from Texas Christian University in 2017. Jason is currently the chief CRNA for the Hillcrest Healthcare System in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Jackie is an internationally renowned leader and clinical expert in pain management practice and was instrumental in the development of CRNA pain education, practice, and certification. Her research, practices,

developments, and discoveries have been vital to the practice and pain relief of patients all over the world. Her work has been featured in governmental studies, news reports, and modeled in classes, led by her and modeled by other instructors. This award winning member of the team recently received a grant from NBCRNA to develop an educational core module which will be required for recertification of the Non-Surgical Pain Management credential.

Patrick Myer, CRNA

Patrick has been a CRNA since 2006 and currently serves as the Chief CRNA in an orthopedic specialty hospital in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He is a graduate of the Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia and also participated in the Acute Surgical Pain Management Fellowship and as adjunct faculty for the program. He enjoys learning and teaching regional techniques to fellow professionals in the field. Patrick is currently pursuing his DNP and Point of Care Ultrasound Certification.

To learn directly from our instructors, view our course offerings today. Our courses are designed to fit within your schedule, with online content giving a base knowledge set and several hours in a single weekend for clinical application. To learn more, contact us.

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