Pioneering Innovation: All About Maverick Medical Education’s Breakthrough Patents and Advancements

Maverick Medical Education focuses on cutting-edge knowledge and technology in every component of their medical training programs. The drive to stay ahead of the curve is what makes Maverick Medical Education successful in each of the courses offered. Part of this cutting edge involves the best pedagogical practices, fine-tuned with the help of education departments at major universities. But another large part of that is the technology being created by Maverick for use in the courses.


Maverick is excited to announce that, on June 13, 2023, we were awarded our second US patent for our Pulsatile Cadaver System. With this patent in place, we can expand and build on this incredible technology in order to bring students the best actual human life-like feel when practicing nerve blocks. We look forward to continuing to develop this technology to improve pain education for medical providers and the experience for their patients. The first patent for this technology was issued by the United States Patent and Technology office in January of 2022 and had been seven years in the making at that point.


The technology was created by Maverick founders Dan Nash and David Gaskin as they worked to find better ways to train medical providers in pain management techniques and other uses in anesthesia. The training already included the use of ultrasound technology and cadaveric specimens, but training lacked the realism and feel of a patient in the actual clinical setting. Maverick developed small and powerful pumps that could power pulsatile technology to create a more lifelike experience during training settings. After identifying and developing the components, the two spent the next four years testing the technology out, perfecting it along the way.


It is no doubt that Maverick is proud of this accomplishment. Dan Nash states, “We are the first in the anesthesia industry to receive a patent for this type of technology, which has revolutionized our ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia education. With this technology, we offer students true lifelike needling experience via cadaveric specimens, making the education as realistic and valuable as possible.” This is now the second patent for this technology which lends itself to more progress and possibilities. Dan, David, and the rest of the Maverick Medical Education team continue to work to find ways to best educate medical providers who attend their continuing education courses. The goal is proficiency and for the skills developed in the course to be immediately transferable to their own practices. The pulsatile cadavers create the true lifelike experience needed for that to be possible.

There is more to learn about the courses Maverick Medical Education offers, with this patented technology or using another cutting edge technology with multiple applications, in ultrasound. For questions or more information, contact Maverick today.

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