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Maverick Medical Education is passionate about teaching, guiding, and leading medical practitioners to more comprehensive, thorough, and cutting edge care. Our programs and courses are centralized around learning new methods to give your patients the best possible prognosis and treatment. In order to provide quality education, our team must be equally passionate about our goals and have the experience to lean on during teaching time. Our growing number of instructors pull on a vast array of knowledge and we are excited to introduce them to you in this two-part series.

John Edwards

John has a passion for patient care and for teaching and leadership, particularly in the fields of anesthesia and acute surgical pain management. A large amount of his time is devoted to managing an acute pain service while also educating other anesthesia providers in comprehensive care. One facet of this care involves ultrasound guided regional anesthesia. John has a special interest in the prevention of developing persistent opioid use among surgical patients and works to educate many in the field to provide options that are safe for those he sees. Current projects and research include reducing perioperative opioid use, reduced postoperative opioid prescribing, and safe opioid disposal.

Jeff Toups, CRNA

Jeff has been a CRNA for seventeen years. He is passionate about offering regional anesthesia with ultrasound guidance, a craft he has honed over the past eleven years. He studied at Texas Wesleyan University and the University of Texas at Arlington.

Christian Falyar, CRNA

Christian is an assistant professor at Duke University in the Nurse Anesthesia Program and also holds adjunct faculty positions at the University of Iowa and through the partnership between the Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia and the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists. He lectures at the university, but also regionally and nationally, focusing on ultrasound related topics. His research and work can be found in numerous peer-reviewed journals. His former experience as a board certified sonographer has led to an interest in research related to ultrasound application in administering anesthesia.

Becky Pennington-Moore, Sonographer

Becky is a registered diagnostic cardiac sonographer. She has over 25 years of experience, specifically with the VA Medical Center and Oklahoma University Medical Center. She is currently adjunct faculty for The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center College of Allied Health and at Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma City.

Mindy Wallace, DNP, MSN, CRNA, DAIPM

Mindy proudly mentored under and practiced pain management with Jack Neary, CRNA. With years of experience under her belt, she practiced pain management full time since 2004. Mindy is one of the founders of the Hamline University Pain Management Fellowship and is also faculty for the Pain Management Fellowship at Texas Christian University.

Kyle Anderson

Kyle studied at Texas Christian University’s Advanced Pain Management Fellowship before working in a well-established pain management practice in New Hampshire. Currently he provides anesthesia services and performs pain management procedures for the Orthopedic and Sports Performance Institute, a specialized group located in Arizona.

Megan Taylor

Megan has been a practicing pain management specialist for many years, including ten years of experience in interventional pain. Since 2017, she has served on faculty in various roles with the AANA Jack Neary courses. Megan is proud to have worked in several different pain management settings, from private practice to critical access hospitals to her current work of opening Providence St. Joseph’s first pain management clinic in Alaska.

Steven Wooden, DNP, CRNA, NSPM-C

Steven is a graduate of several programs including the University of Tennessee College of Nursing, the University of Nebraska Medical Center Nurse Anesthesia Program, the Kansas University Medical Center Nurse Anesthesia Masters Program, and the Duke University Doctor of Nursing Practice Program. Dr. Wooden is a managing partner of the Boone County Anesthesia Services, a private practice in East Central Nebraska. With a strong emphasis on non-surgical pain management, their practice provides comprehensive anesthesia services in Albion, Nebraska.

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