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Nerve Block

Nerve Block: How Long It Lasts

By |2022-09-01T14:05:25+00:00July 20, 2021|Course Information, Course News, Regional Anesthesia|

One of the commitments our Maverick Medical Education team has made is to train medical professionals in pain management solutions that do not involve prescribing opioids. With more in the medical industry being taught a variety of solutions, including how to effectively administer nerve blocks, we can help our patients have better outcomes and put them at less risk for addiction. Is a nerve block really as good of a solution as we claim? With the way a nerve block works and the reduction in side effects, it is a great solution for a number of reasons.

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Avoid These Common Femoral Nerve Block Errors

By |2022-08-30T20:12:16+00:00November 24, 2020|Course Information, Pain Management, Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS)|

In an ongoing attempt by Maverick Medical Education to partner with and train medical providers across the country on pain management techniques, our team has learned about what works, what doesn’t, and everything in between. By diligent practice and research, we can help reduce the number of opioids prescribed to patients by utilizing alternative methods for pain reduction. Occasionally, there are adjustments to be made in very common blocks, like the femoral nerve block, that will make everyone more effective.

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Treating Chronic Migraine with Nerve Blocks

By |2022-08-30T20:19:28+00:00October 20, 2020|Chronic Pain Management, Course Information|

Chronic migraines are one of the more common pain issues we see from the public. In fact, headaches in general effect over 48% of the population according to Current Pain and Headache. With so many patients complaining of headache pain, better treatments should be readily available. Maverick Medical Education teaches nerve blocks to provide relief for many of these patients.

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Interscalene Nerve Block

By |2022-08-30T20:21:56+00:00September 22, 2020|Course Information, Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS)|

Our Maverick Medical Education classes cover a number of different topics to provide pain relief or medical techniques suited to help you treat your patients in a more effective manner. As part of the training in some of our courses, different nerve blocks are taught, including the interscalene nerve block.

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