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Cancellation Policy

Our Cancellation Policy

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Maverick Medical Education was founded on the idea of helping medical professionals learn pain relief techniques that will serve their patients and their communities through surgery, medical procedures, injuries, and on-going needs. Rather than holding on to the experience we’ve gained over the years through our own research, training, and practice, we have built a team that is devoted to teaching as many others as we can, knowing we can help patients have better outcomes and healthier lives. This devotion to teaching is just one of the ways our program excels. Combined with our flipped classroom model, with content available immediately upon registration through online modules and hands-on practice during our lab time together, Maverick Medical Education provides quality instruction and support for each of our students.

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How to Prepare for One of Our Courses

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We have no doubt that our courses will help you care for the needs of your clinic and patients in a fuller way. Once you decide on a course, or several courses, you can begin learning immediately. However, there are a few tips and tricks to prepare for one of our Maverick Medical Education courses, both remotely and in person.

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