Maverick partners with several different companies to provide significant deals and discounts to attendees of our courses. This is part of our effort to help better educate and equip CRNA’s to become the best and the brightest in their field!

During your Maverick Hands-On Lab you will have the opportunity to practice learning with several different devices. Not only does this give you valuable experience using the latest and greatest technology, it also provides you with a free-trail to see what equipment is best suited for you and your practice. If you like a piece of equipment and wish to purchase your own, you can buy it through Maverick at an exclusive significant discount.

GE Vscan Air CL

The GE Vscan™ Air CL delivers handheld, portable, pocket-sized ultrasound systems to enable clinicians to easily image patients at the point of care – transforming the physical exam with more information to determine the optimized course of treatment. These products offer intuitive, pocket-sized ultrasound capabilities that fit in the palm of your hand to help accelerate treatment decisions.

  • $3,999.00

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Safersonic Sterile Transducer-Cover with Adhesive

Safersonic provides sterile transducer covers with an adhesive that eliminates the need for gel under the cover, preventing bubbles and wrinkles. The telescopic folding provides a latex-free, sterile application with no rubber bands, no artifacts, no gel at the transducers, and no glue remnants.

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Mindray TE5 Ultrasound

This Mindray Ultrasound Machine comes with a 5 year warranty and is designed for stream-lined care in surgery, anesthesia, orthopaedics and smalls parts imaging applications. It especially excels in needle guidance with the iNeedle and eSpacial Navi software options. The Mindray TE5 ultrasound machine also has a 3 button transducer for user convenience and sterile environments.

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