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Maverick Medical Education was founded on the idea of helping medical professionals learn pain relief techniques that will serve their patients and their communities through surgery, medical procedures, injuries, and on-going needs. Rather than holding on to the experience we’ve gained over the years through our own research, training, and practice, we have built a team that is devoted to teaching as many others as we can, knowing we can help patients have better outcomes and healthier lives. This devotion to teaching is just one of the ways our program excels. Combined with our flipped classroom model, with content available immediately upon registration through online modules and hands-on practice during our lab time together, Maverick Medical Education provides quality instruction and support for each of our students.

What happens if I have to cancel or delay?

We are all medical providers, in one way or another, ourselves. We have jobs and practices outside of Maverick that demand our attention. Many of us have family and support networks that pull on our schedules as well. So, we understand that things come up, plans change, and emergencies happen. That said, our courses are planned out in advance and require commitment from our Maverick instructors. In the same way, these courses require commitment from the students who sign up to learn. With immediate access to content, you are already beginning to learn from our program. Additionally, the demand for quality instruction, like our Mavericks provide, often means students are having to delay their opportunity for learning from us. Due to this planning and high demand for courses, we need to know that students who register will be joining us.

Can I transfer to a different date?

We can work with you to reschedule to a later date, as soon as possible, so we can fill your vacant spot with another student. These courses sell out quickly and we want to allow as many students as possible the chance to learn. For any of our courses, if you notify us more than six weeks prior to your original course date, you can transfer to a later course date with a $250 fee. If you are rescheduling less than six weeks prior to your course date, that fee increases to $400 to cover the change in registration and other costs for our Essentials, Advanced, and POCUS Courses.

What if my circumstances have changed so greatly, I cannot attend any course?

If you need a refund and will not be able to attend any of our course dates, we can issue a partial refund, depending on when you are cancelling. If you are seeking a refund more than 8 weeks prior to your course date, we will issue 80% of your fee back to you, 6-8 weeks prior will receive a 50% refund. For our Essentials, Advanced, and POCUS Courses, anything closer than 6 weeks will receive no refund, but can still transfer to another lab date for $400. For our Chronic Pain Series, 4-6 weeks prior to your lab date can transfer to another lab for $500. We cannot provide a transfer or refund of any kind for the four weeks preceding your lab date.

By carefully selecting the courses and weekend lab dates that work best for your schedule, you can be assured of a quality Maverick Medical Education. We are confident that the knowledge and skills you will gain will transform your practice and your care. For more questions, contact us today.

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