When Maverick Medical Education adds an additional date for a course, it’s exciting for our team. Not only does it mean we are serving the community by providing valuable education opportunities for the medical field to learn new methods and gain continuing education, but it also means we are serving the extended community well. Each person attending our courses, like the Regional Anesthesia Essentials course, means more patients are receiving the quality care they deserve from their medical team. Adding this course on November 11-12, 2023 in Fort Worth opens up more opportunities than before.

Regional Anesthesia Essentials

The Regional Anesthesia Essentials course is one of two courses that cover regional anesthesia methods. It serves as a solid foundation for anesthesia methods, blocks, and principles. The course can be taken as a standalone option or as preparation for attending our advanced course as well. During this course, participants are taught a number of blocks including the femoral, axillary, interscalene, and more. While teaching the methods, we also focus on identifying landmarks for perfect placement and cover concepts outside of actual blocks, such as implementing postoperative pain services.

Maverick Difference

The Maverick Medical Education difference is noticeable in several ways. Our courses were designed with pedagogical principles in mind after partnering with top education experts. We utilized our research and skills to create a learning experience that benefits others. We are enthusiastic about the methods we choose because we know they pay off for anyone who registers, attends, and participates in our courses. Using a flipped classroom model, participants have instant access to lectures, presentations, and a knowledge base to front load their learning experience. By front loading, we prime the brain to visualize the procedures we will teach during the lab portion of the course. This approach allows for valuable lab time dedicated to repetition and practice, ultimately building proficiency and confidence that carries over into medical practice.

What to Expect

When you register for a Maverick Medical Education course like the Regional Anesthesia Essentials Course, you will gain immediate access to online learning modules. These modules contain content, videos, and informational material to help build a foundation of understanding. You can review these modules at your own pace and refer back to them as needed to prepare for the in-person lab session. During the lab session, you will receive valuable insight from our top-notch Maverick instructors who have decades of experience. Their instruction and practice with you will help you adjust and refine your skills until they are perfect. Using ultrasound-assisted methods on live models or our patented pulsatile cadavers, you will receive the tactile feedback necessary for perfect needle placement, which you can then apply in your own practice. Our schedule is built around busy professionals, allowing for learning at your own pace and offering travel flexibility to get back to your practice at home.

If you have any questions about our next available course dates or the added date for the Regional Anesthesia Essentials Course, please contact us today. Don’t miss this opportunity to sign up and learn the techniques and methods you need to provide superior care for your patients who trust you.

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