The Maverick Medical Education Difference

At Maverick Medical Education, we firmly believe that our courses in pain management and relief, as well as Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS), rank among the top in the field for CRNAs and professionals alike. It’s not simply because we developed these courses, but rather because we crafted them with careful intention, always keeping student success at the forefront. This commitment is what sets the Maverick difference apart from the rest. In fact, there are several aspects that make our Maverick Medical Education courses truly unique.

Flipped Course Model

Register for a course and access online modules immediately. These modules offer readings, slides, videos, and instructions to begin learning. Our flexible self-paced and interactive modules are available for review as needed, and students can learn from any internet-connected device. After completing modules, the course’s in-person lab component teaches methods through high-quality, pulsatile cadavers or live models.

Pedagogical Support

Our courses aren’t solely developed by clinical practitioners. Curriculum and pedagogical experts from educators at Texas A&M University, with the diverse needs of students in mind, developed these courses. Pairing instructive content with sound teaching principles maximizes student retention and develops proficient practitioners.

Our Mavericks

Our dozens of Maverick instructors each provide their expertise to the courses they teach. By entrusting these instructors, we offer numerous courses that work better with our students’ schedules, and we can provide a rich and diverse instruction team. Combining their decades of experience creates the best learning scenario for each student.

Cutting Edge Curriculum

Maverick Medical Education aims to stay ahead of the curve regarding several aspects of our courses. We consistently work to add and refine our courses to ensure that we meet the needs of communities and professionals. Our pulsatile cadaver technology, patented by us, provides a unique learning experience for students, mimicking what they will encounter in a clinical setting. Our Point of Care Ultrasound course ensures that students learn to use technology with breakthrough applications in multiple settings, with growing uses every day.

Commitment to Change

Our pain relief and management practices aim to provide better pain relief and management for patients across the country. Rather than adding to the practice of prescribing dangerous opioids, we knew there was a better solution. We are committed to our role in educating others on this solution.

Small Classes, Big Information

During the lab component of our courses, we keep teacher-to-student ratios small on purpose. The content knowledge has already been learned during the online modules, which means little time is needed for lectures, other than general reminders and procedural safeguards. More time is focused on practicing each method. By keeping classes small, students get repetition and hands-on adjustments in real-time, increasing their proficiency and comfort with each technique.

To learn more about the courses available with Maverick Medical Education and see what sets us apart, contact us today. From POCUS to Regional Anesthesia and more, our courses can help you in your practice from day one.

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