What to Expect in a Maverick Course

Every curriculum and course is unique, especially when it comes to extended courses that increase your knowledge of the medical world. At Maverick Medical Education, we’ve built our curriculum and courses with you in mind. We’ve focused on the flexibility required by medical professionals and the skills that would be best utilized, along with sound pedagogy and teaching principles to create courses that are truly one of a kind.

Types of Courses

Currently, Maverick Medical Education offers a number of courses that focus on pain relief and management, as well as point of care ultrasound (POCUS). Our Chronic Pain Series is split into three separate parts, allowing CRNAs and other medical professionals to build their skills by working through each part. From basic neuroscience of pain to learning ultrasound-guided chronic pain injections, this series covers a range of skills. Our two Regional Anesthesia courses, Essentials and Advanced, provide instruction in blocks needed in various clinical settings. Our POCUS course focuses on learning the basics of ultrasound and how it can benefit different clinical scenarios, not just traditional ob/gyn or emergency settings.

Course Delivery

Our courses are presented in a method developed in conjunction with Texas A&M University’s esteemed education department and experts in online education and curriculum creation. After registering for one of our courses, you’ll have immediate access to interactive and engaging learning modules that can be accessed from your phone (recommended for viewing and reference only), tablet, or other internet-connected device. These modules contain all the information you’ll need to get started. Most of our students join us in person for the lab portion of the curriculum, where they’ll be able to get hands-on experience on live models and our patented high-quality pulsatile cadavers. Our Maverick instructors lead the labs, many of whom have decades of experience in the field, and they’re on hand to answer your questions, provide input, and adjust and refine your techniques until you’re ready to apply what you’ve learned in a clinical setting. As our Maverick team grows, we plan to offer additional training and courses to meet the diverse needs of universities and hospitals across the country.

Important Details

There are some important details to bear in mind when considering one of our courses. Our course calendar gives an overview of the upcoming courses we have scheduled, along with the different cities where we’ll be holding the lab portion of the curriculum. Each of these cities has its own unique advantages, and we make an effort to provide you with all the information you need to make travel arrangements. Our course pages provide extra information on what to expect during each course, so you can plan accordingly based on your individual needs.

If you’re ready to begin learning with Maverick Medical Education, please contact us today or browse our available courses and register online. Our Maverick Medical Education team is ready to help you develop the techniques and skills necessary to give your patients the best possible care.

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