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Maverick Medical Education works with many facilities nationwide to provide the training needed for our courses. With any aspect of our courses, we want to partner with those who have high expectations for quality and want to provide cutting-edge services. In working with the Fort Worth lab, we accomplish those goals in several ways.


While some of the trainees we have come from local spots, even those located in Texas would have a ways to drive. The Bio Skills location in Fort Worth is convenient to access from the airport. This location also has easy access to hotels, dining, and a little taste of Texas culture for those looking to unwind before or after their time in our Maverick Medical Education course. This facility has been updated as recently as 2020, with a $2.5 million upgrade to meet the ever-changing needs of medical education.


The time we spend in person is geared towards you learning the skills you need for proficiency in the methods covered in each course. This requires quite a bit of space. We need facilities to set up stations for several students at a time to practice, we need areas to get ready for instruction and clean up after, and we need locations for breaks and meals. The BioSkills facility has all this, thoughtfully planned out for maximum efficiency. By having everything conveniently located together, we can learn more each day.


There are many pieces of equipment we need to make our lab time successful, depending on your course. The BioSkills location has what we need for your course to run smoothly. Many of our courses involve ultrasound assistance, whether you are looking to place nerve blocks perfectly the first time or learning how to use point-of-care ultrasound. They also have the storage needed for cadaveric specimens which are needed in a number of our courses. That storage is essential to maintaining the high fidelity of each specimen. The ease of having everything we need available, with their focus on storing and cleaning everything to be ready for the next day or course, helps us serve you to the fullest.


The classrooms at BioSkills of North Texas are top-notch and provide flexibility for any instructional time. That said, your course will not be taught in these classrooms because of the flipped model we have set up for each of our classes. Your instruction will be done ahead of time, through interactive, engaging, and self-paced online modules. We accomplish two things by front-loading all content before our time in person. First, you are fully prepared for hands-on practice instead of trying to juggle both in the same set of days. Second, you have more time to learn the skills you need for proficiency in the clinical setting.

If you are ready to explore the BioSkills of North Texas location closer, with a Maverick Medical Education course, contact us today or see our course catalog. We have several courses coming up soon, throughout 2024.

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