New Year

We are already in a new year and ready to learn more in our respective medical fields. Maverick Medical Education has a few resolutions of our own, to continue educating medical professionals in all the skills and techniques we have learned in our combined decades of medical experience. You can reap the benefits of this resolution by leveling up your medical expertise in one (or more) of our courses.

Pain Series

People across the country are living with pain. Maverick Medical Education knows there is a better way, both to live pain-free and to treat the pain that happens in life. By educating CRNAs across the country, we can help communities by passing on what we know about these better treatment options. This course covers the assessment of pain, knowledge about potential sources of pain, diagnosis, and different treatment options. Focusing on chronic pain, some of the most common types of pain are covered like shoulder, hip, and knee pain, in addition to different types of spinal pain. Treatments taught include several injections and nerve blocks with fluoroscopic and ultrasound guidance.

Regional Anesthesia

There are a number of reasons for medical professionals to be further trained on blocks. The Regional Anesthesia course is divided into two sections, Essentials and Advanced. The two courses are built for students to learn dozens of different blocks and practice performing those blocks on high-fidelity pulsatile cadavers, the only course of its kind to offer this patented technology. Our Essentials course covers blocks such as the axillary, femoral, and adductor canal which have a variety of uses in the clinical setting. Our Advanced course offers proficiency in the paravertebral block, suprascapular, erector spinae, and more. Both courses utilize ultrasound assistance.


POCUS, or Point of Care Ultrasound, is a growing skill in the medical world and has more uses than many, even within medicine, realize. This course is available for CRNAs, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, to learn how to use ultrasound technology to diagnose, monitor, and treat their patients in a variety of settings and fields. By learning more about ultrasound technology, your patients can walk away with greater outcomes. The course includes Basic Cardiac and Pulmonary, eFAST, and more.

Maverick Education

Each of our courses starts with online learning modules that are self-paced and designed to engage you with every topic covered. This extensive information has readings, videos, quizzes,  assessments, and more for you to learn and review until you feel proficient. Once you have front-loaded this content, you will join us for the lab portion of your training to get the hands-on experience and practice you need.

To see more about when and where our courses are offered, see our course calendar. To learn more or reach out, contact us today. Maverick Medical Education can level up your practice today while you earn the CEs needed each year.

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