You’ve made a great decision in registering for a Maverick Medical Education course, but what to expect next? We aren’t entirely sure how you narrowed it down to your first choice, but it may have been easy depending on the needs of your patients or practice. Your work with our Maverick team has only begun and you can jump in right away.


As soon as you have registered for and purchased your Maverick Medical Education Course, your learning can begin. Designed to be flexible to work within your time and parameters, the online modules are self-paced, allowing you to watch and rewatch when your busy medical practice schedule allows. We also want you to be able to have the repetition you need, both in content learning and in hands-on practice, so you can rewind and retest as needed. The lessons are created in collaboration with top education experts to be interactive, engaging, and filled with information to help you learn about pain relief methods, point-of-care ultrasound, and more. These modules are also created through an online portal, allowing you to take your learning with you, snagging a few lessons when and where you can.

Travel Plans

Most of our courses have an in-person lab that you will need to make arrangements to attend. We have provided the necessary information you need for your flight, your stay, and to plan the little details that come with traveling for continuing education. Each of our locations has benefits and you are guaranteed to be working with our top-notch instructors who have decades of experience to lean on. Your schedule will be available to you to make the best flight decisions to fit your professional and personal needs with some flexibility to leave after practicing and testing on Sunday.

Lab Time

Once your in-person hands-on lab time arrives, you should be more than prepared to practice the skills you have been learning about in your course. Our Maverick Instructors will be ready for you to give you the instruction and repetition you need to hone and perfect these skills. Because you have learned all of the content ahead of time in our flipped classroom model, you can guarantee that the weekend will be filled with hands-on experience. Whether using high-fidelity pulsatile cadavers or live models, you will get the tactile feedback needed for perfect placement of a needle or ultrasound technology. Low class-to-instructor ratios will provide extra time for practicing and you can ask questions and seek clarification from our expert team. Many report feeling confident after this time to perform these methods in their own practices as soon as they return home.

After this, your next step is to decide which course you are going to register for. Whether it is the second component to our pain series or if you want to jump over to a different course. If you have questions or need to reach out, contact us at Maverick Medical Education.

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