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It takes effort to be on the cutting edge of anything, including medical practice and training. For Maverick Medical Education, being on the cutting-edge means responding to the needs of both the community and medical practitioners. This response carries over into several parts of our organization. Our educational principles are designed with the needs of CRNAs, SRNAs, NPs, PAs, MDs and RNs in mind. Even the courses we teach and the technology we use are no exception to being on the cutting edge.

Pulsatile Cadavers

There is a wide range of quality in terms of cadavers and their place in medical practice and training. While investing in a high-fidelity cadaver may not be the first priority for every group, Maverick Medical Education insists on using the preservation that comes with a high-fidelity cadaver, which is vital for the training being done. Maverick Medical Education’s patented technology uses electric impulses to mimic certain responses in the body. It allows for a broader range of understanding when learning blocks and injections. By creating this “pulse,” trainees will learn how a body reacts, making them more proficient in reading patients and using multiple types of feedback, not just tactile.

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Ultrasound Technology

Ultrasound technology allows us to peer inside a patient to gain a better understanding of what is taking place beyond the surface. This technology can be applied to multiple fields, and we train for ultrasound-assisted guidance for a range of blocks and injections. We also train to use ultrasound for point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS). POCUS allows for patient diagnosis without transport to MRI or CT, can be done quickly and repeatedly, and can also be used to monitor progress to adjust treatment as needed. The waves used in ultrasound are relatively harmless, and a variety of providers can see its useful application.

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Patented Technology

While some of the technology we utilize was already established, such as the use of ultrasound technology in obstetrics to monitor fetal growth and development, we have adapted its use in other medical practices and are now teaching these new techniques to medical staff nationwide. On the other hand, the technology employed for pulsatile cadavers is a unique innovation that we have created and patented for our exclusive use. This knowledge ensures that your course with Maverick Medical Education will be exceptional, not merely due to our patent on this method, but because it was designed to meet your specific needs in the laboratory.

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Instructional Design and Educational Technology

The educational technology employed in the online aspects of our courses plays a crucial role in effectively transferring knowledge and skills to learners. Maverick Medical Education utilizes an intuitive web and mobile learning platform, offering extensive opportunities for remote learning. These remote and virtual classes are designed with sound pedagogy specifically tailored to this learner demographic. The online preparatory curriculum takes place weeks prior to the hands-on lab, ensuring a comprehensive and well-rounded learning experience.

About Maverick Medical Education

Maverick Medical Education is dedicated to providing top-notch medical education courses for practitioners seeking alternative pain management solutions, improved quality of care with POCUS, and effective pain relief in various settings. To embark on your training journey with Maverick Medical Education, take a look at the courses we offer and choose the one that aligns with the next steps you wish to take in your practice.

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