How Point of Care Ultrasound is Beneficial

The use of ultrasound technology has revolutionized the field of medicine since its development in 1956. It allows physicians to peer into patients’ bodies without invasive procedures, enabling diagnoses and treatments to be carried out more efficiently. Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) takes this technology a step further by bringing it to the bedside, wherever the patient may be. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of POCUS and how it is shaping the future of medicine. Learn why now is the perfect time to learn POCUS with Maverick Medical Education and how it can benefit medical professionals in all specialties.

What is Point of Care Ultrasound?

Point of Care Ultrasound, or POCUS, is using ultrasound technology in multiple medical settings, bringing this technology to the bedside wherever the patient may be. POCUS allows medical staff to avoid moving patients for scanning because mobile technology can be used anywhere with portable and handheld devices. POCUS also allows for continuous monitoring to take place to see how interventions or procedures are assisting a patient under care. These sound waves are not detrimental to the patient and can give an overview of much of the body, allowing for all sorts of conditions, from torn rotator cuffs to pneumonia, to be diagnosed at the point of care for the patient.

How is POCUS shaping future medicine?

There are a number of ways that POCUS is shaping future medicine, especially as more training and fine-tuning of the application spreads. According to the American Family Physician, POCUS “is increasing because it reduces cost, radiation exposure, and imaging delays, and increases patient satisfaction.” Pairing these benefits to the patient with the exploding number of ways that POCUS can be used means that the use of ultrasound is shifting patient care, both in diagnosis and prognosis and in patient satisfaction. This becomes a self-perpetuating cycle of good news as the two aspects, healthy and happy patients, increase together.

Why learn POCUS (with Maverick Medical Education)?

Now is an opportune time for medical professionals to learn point-of-care ultrasound, as the technology offers numerous applications across all branches of medicine, including emergency situations. Whether you specialize in a specific field or not, learning to use ultrasound can benefit you. At Maverick Medical Education, we provide high-quality courses that are flexible and tailored to your schedule. Our unique flipped class model allows you to access instruction from any internet-connected device, ensuring convenient learning. With our comprehensive instruction and practical training in the lab, guided by our experienced Maverick instructors, you’ll gain the repetition and proficiency necessary for success.

To learn more about Point of Care Ultrasound with Maverick Medical Education or to see our course offerings, check out our course schedule. We have a number of classes available, including pain management courses that also have a variety of applications across multiple fields. We are looking forward to continuing to revolutionize the medical field with better options, in pain management and in POCUS.

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