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Maverick Medical Education is focused on helping medical providers learn advanced techniques to better serve their patients and communities with pain management and point of care ultrasound. Our fine-tuned education practices are intentionally chosen to ensure maximum delivery of our knowledge and skill set. We are confident that our students walk away from our courses able to put the skills learned in practice on their very next day at work.

Curriculum That Works

Too often, medical continuing education relies on an expert in their field speaking about a topic without thought into the learning process. Maverick Medical Education flips that concept in a number of ways. First, our courses use the flipped classroom model and provide online and immediate access to our courses once you have enrolled. From any internet connected device, you can login to your account and begin studying through modules we created to instruct you on the science, methods, and best practices we have discovered. This online access allows you to learn at your own pace and to review as needed at whatever time works best for you. It also primes you for the classroom when we meet together and start practicing these techniques in the lab. Because you already have the textbook knowledge, you can spend time getting repetition and hands on experience in anesthesia or ultrasound methods.

Hands On Experience

Mavericks come from all over the United States to provide you with the best education. We have chosen medical providers who have decades and decades of experience among them. They are each passionate about providing CRNAs, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and health professionals with the highest possible quality in treatment education. In our on-site training they can help tweak and adjust every method until it is perfect. Our Mavericks are also constantly looking for new techniques and methods of their own, staying on top of cutting-edge practices and continuing to learn, for their own practices and to help train each student who enrolls in our courses.

Unmatched Quality

Everything about Maverick Medical Education courses points to quality. From the quick responses to questions you may have, to the online modules that provide front loaded learning, to low student to teacher ratios allowing you repetition, to live models or high-quality pulsatile cadavers to practice on, Maverick Medical Education provides you with the best. The knowledge and skills you will gain will be applied immediately and frequently after you leave.

Maverick Medical Education students so often find value in our courses that they immediately sign up for another one. And, in fact, some of our former students have become Maverick instructors. To learn more about the courses we offer and to begin your learning today, see our course catalogue or contact us for more information.

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