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Daniel Nash CRNA DNAP reviews how nurses can use ultrasound for vascular access and basic cardiac and pulmonary assessments.


About Daniel Nash, CRNA, DNAP

Daniel became an RN in 1983. He worked in the OR, ICU, and ER settings for 9 years prior to attending Texas Wesleyan anesthesia program getting his CRNA credential in December 1994. He received his DNAP degree from Texas Wesleyan in 2012. He was in the first class for the Acute Surgical Pain Management Fellowship at MTSA program graduating in 2018.

He serves as adjunct faculty for MTSA as a clinical site director. Daniel is co-owner of Maverick Medical Education. Maverick trains all types of health care professionals in the use of ultrasound technology for regional nerve blocks for acute surgical pain control, chronic pain treatments, and Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) for medical assessment and vascular access. Daniel is passionate about the use of ultrasound and is dedicated to the education of all health care professionals.

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