Travel Tips for Your Maverick Medical Education Course

One of the most exciting components of Maverick Medical Education, other than the application of pain relief techniques across the country, is the opportunity to meet passionate practitioners who are eager to enhance their knowledge for their patients. While we have full confidence in the quality of our online course, we truly value the face-to-face interaction during the lab session. Given that most participants will need to travel for the lab, Maverick would like to offer you some helpful tips.

Each Location

Every location where we hold our courses has its own unique charm and atmosphere. Our course details provide recommendations for flight bookings and hotels to consider. As we have multiple courses in different locations, we strongly advise you to double-check the location of your selected course for the specific weekend. We wouldn’t want you to show up in Fort Worth when your course is actually in Lexington. Just like any travel, it’s essential to consider your comfort and personal needs, as we will be actively working all day on Saturday and Sunday.

Arrival and Departure

Plan your arrival and departure carefully. Our courses start promptly at 8 am on both days. Consequently, if you’re not a local participant, we recommend arriving the night before. To support your focus and the chance to connect with fellow professionals in your field, we provide breakfast and lunch during the course. When it comes to your Sunday departure, there is some flexibility, but an evening flight is advisable. We understand that many of you have families and practices to return to on Monday mornings, so we have arranged open stations on Sunday afternoons. This allows for proficiency testing, extra practice with our instructors, or the flexibility to book your return flight home.

Prepare Ahead

To make the most out of your lab session during the Maverick Medical Education Course, completing the online portion of the course thoroughly is crucial. Designed with your learning and knowledge growth in mind, our courses are interactive, engaging, and easily accessible on your fingertips. Familiarizing yourself with the content in advance will ensure that you are fully prepared to practice and learn alongside our Maverick instructors during the lab. This approach maximizes hands-on instruction time, lets you ask any questions you may have (so be prepared with them), and provides ample practice to refine your techniques.

Use the Time

The most valuable tip we can offer regarding your travel for the course is to use your time wisely. During the in-person lab, our expert Maverick instructors are dedicated to your growth. They will address your questions, fine-tune your methods, and help you hone your skills. Seize this opportunity to improve your practice instantly upon returning home. Although not all our Maverick instructors will be present at every course, our collective experience spans decades. We heavily rely on this expertise and knowledge bank to ensure your educational journey is seamless.

If you are ready to book your course and make your flight arrangements, you can do so online now. Once you have completed these steps, your online modules will be accessible, and instruction can commence. Maverick Medical Education is excited to embark on this educational partnership with you! Should you have any questions, please reach out to us today!

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