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Maverick Medical Education’s courses are deliberately thought out to provide the best education for those who enroll with us. The flipped classroom model that gives lecture instruction ahead of time, through modules accessible from any internet connected device, primes the lab time where students will get hands-on training from our esteemed Maverick Instructors. Perfecting these skills takes time and our instructors are passionate about passing their knowledge and training to each new course.

Practice Makes Progress

One of the biggest assets of Maverick Medical Education’s courses is the sheer number of attempts our students get during the lab portion of our classes. This repetition, under our Maverick Educator guidance, allows for competency to be learned in a short amount of time. According to Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia, it is estimated “that novices would require approximately 28 supervised trials with feedback before competency in ultrasound needle visualization is achieved.” While each course is different, students are well on their way to achieving this number at the end of one of our courses. Additionally, they are getting the tactile feedback, hand positioning, and instruction needed for best needle placement under the guidance of our instructors. The same article goes on to state, “motor skills learned during preclinical procedural training can be transferred to the clinical environment.”

Alternative Tools

There are a number of tools that can assist in the perfection of ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia, but we highly recommend Block Buddy Pro for a number of reasons. This app takes all of the information from a medical textbook on anesthesia and places it at your fingertips for easy review and reference. When reviewing a method ahead of surgery or patient consultation, you can search for the block you are recommending or performing to familiarize yourself with the anatomy and nuances this block needs for maximum effectiveness. Block Buddy Pro also offers step by step instructions you can show to a patient who may be nervous (or curious) about the block that will be used, and you can use the app to continue to practice the methods learned in our courses.

Continued Learning

Our Maverick team is devoted to continued education, not just for others, but for ourselves. We choose instructors from various fields so we can learn and teach new techniques. Additionally, we continue to learn from research and conferences in order to see what methods may be best applied to the courses we offer. This allows for our practices to stay on the cutting edge of pain relief, but it also allows us to teach more providers methods that will, quite simply, allow them to care for their communities better. We never want to stagnate and, just as the medical practitioners who attend our courses want to improve, so do we.

Our Maverick Medical Education courses, from Regional Anesthesia basics to Point of Care Ultrasound, will assist your practice in providing even better care for each one of your patients. What’s more, once you register for your first, or second, or third, course, your learning can begin right away with our online modules. To learn more about the courses offered, see our course catalogue or contact us today.

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