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When a team of medical professionals is passionate about the discoveries they have made in regards to pain management techniques, it is almost impossible to keep those skills to themselves. At least this is how the team at Maverick Medical Education feels. Through the years of experience gained in hospital and clinical settings, managing pain has become a craft to the team and sharing that knowledge is core to what Maverick does around the country.

Who We Are

Maverick Medical Education was founded by Dan Nash and David Gaskin. Dan and David are both CRNAs with over two decades of experience in professional anesthesia. Dan and David served as clinical coordinators for Texas Wesleyan University’s anesthesia program and are both fellowship-trained in pain management. David is board certified in non-surgical chronic pain management and owns and operates Republic Pain Specialists, which is committed to helping the community recover from chronic pain and prevent further intrusion into their day-to-day life. David’s goal is to continually provide pain relief without surgery or opioids for those who seek his help. Dan, a CRNA at SSM Health Bone and Joint Hospital at St Anthony in OKC, works in surgery and is fellowship-trained in acute pain. He delivers post-surgical pain treatments throughout the patients’ perioperative course. Through their respective work, techniques have been fine-tuned and honed to provide the best pain relief for the patients they care for each day. It’s this level of expertise they have used to develop their education courses.

What We Do

Maverick Medical Education is committed to teaching all medical professionals about methods to help alleviate and eliminate pain whether in the acute or chronic setting. They offer multiple courses that include techniques for acute and chronic pain modalities along with point of care ultrasound (POCUS) training. Maverick’s training is state of the art and they are mindful of the full schedules most medical professionals have. Preliminary study and in-depth information is gained through online modules. This at-home training is followed by in-person, hands-on training, complete with experienced instructors, interactive classroom time, and opportunities for repetitive practice using a patent-approved pulsatile cadaver system and other modern training methods. This Flipped Classroom method is evidence-based and highly recommended by top educators. It is the most efficient and effective way to learn. Several levels of courses are offered to help professionals build their skills depending on their position and the needs of the patients and doctors they serve.

Our Commitment

Maverick’s passion for pain management education is shared by the team members. All Maverick instructors are highly experienced and talented professionals. Most of the CRNA instructors are fellowship-trained. By using the Flipped Classroom method, valuable time is maximized and allows for lots of time for practice and opportunities for questions and feedback. Maverick keeps the student to instructor ratio low to insure a quality experience. The commitment to our communities extends far beyond clinical walls. Maverick hopes to be a good steward within the community, giving back in multiple ways whenever possible.

Maverick wants each and every interested person to become successful at the techniques and practices taught. For more information about Maverick Medical Education, see our course information or contact us today.

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