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Maverick Medical Education cannot rely solely on the experience and information we possess as medical providers. We also have to use tools and technology to expand on those skills. Through trial and error, we have chosen several companies to partner with, knowing these groups will help us and our students be more successful in managing pain and helping their patients, wherever they may practice.

Sonosite Ultrasound

Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) has a number of applications, in and out of the traditional hospital setting. Sonosite understood this from the beginning, focusing on making ultrasound technology both portable and reliable. They understand there are certain situations where time is of the essence. Having the ability to look inside a patient’s body to see what concerns need imminent care and monitor emerging issues would be vital to patient outcomes. Being able to easily maneuver this piece of equipment, whether it is in and out of an ambulance or back and forth from patient’s exam rooms, is imperative to providing the best care with point of care ultrasound.

Safersonic Covers

Creating sterile environments in the medical field has been important for decades, but has become an even larger focus as hospital staff fights the spread of Covid. Safersonic transducer covers allows for sterility while allowing medical providers to use ultrasound equipment at the bedside or in other spaces. The Safersonic covers uses an adhesive to create a seal that eliminates the needs for gel to be applied under the cover creating an easier cleanup for medical staff as well. This will ultimately save time and reduce issues with build-up on the transducers as they are used more regularly.

Havel’s Needles and Sutures

As we teach pain management and relief techniques, we use a lot of needles. The nerve blocks we use and teach in our courses require precision, which we believe is acquired by using Havel’s. Their safety standards have a record that is evident with few flaws or issues in the medical accessories they provide for hospitals and medical offices across the United States and the world. By having the best medical supplies, our students can learn techniques with ease and focus on the skills they are developing in our courses.

Block Buddy Pro App

Hands on teaching and repetition are large components of our courses, we want our students to walk away with confidence in performing blocks and other procedures to provide the best care for their communities. That being said, in the weeks and months to come, they may need reminders and tips for how to perform certain blocks. They may also need refreshers on blocks they haven’t performed for a longer period of time. Block Buddy Pro contains videos and detailed descriptions for more than 20 blocks at the user’s fingertips. It is a great way to remember everything needed after our courses are over.

To learn more about the courses we offer, using the tools from these partners, contact us today. We have several courses coming up and our Maverick Medical Education team is ready to provide you with the continuing education and skills you need to give even better patient care.

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