Maverick Medical Education knows that to stay on top of cutting-edge work in the field of medicine, we always have to adapt. Adapting to the needs of our communities. Adapting to the needs of our patients. Adapting to the needs of training and education. We are, after all, practicing medicine. That practice involves fine-tuning and reworking our courses, not in quality content, but in presentation and times offered. We are excited to offer a combination course consisting of our Regional Anesthesia Essentials and POCUS in one weekend. By doing so, not only are we meeting the needs of the larger community, but also exposing more medical professionals to a method we are exceedingly passionate about, point-of-care ultrasound.

Regional Anesthesia Essentials

This course focuses on basic anesthesia techniques to provide a foundation for pain prevention and relief methods. We cover a wide variety of topics including ultrasound physics, anatomy needed for the blocks taught, needle-guided techniques, and more. Some of the blocks taught during the course are the femoral block, interscalene, and axillary, but more is covered to ensure all of the essentials are understood and able to be performed in your practice upon completion of the course. Both content knowledge and techniques practiced in the laboratory will pair to help your understanding of the basics.


POCUS, or point-of-care ultrasound, is a growing field within medicine that gains new applications regularly. While ultrasound was once restricted to a few niche fields in medicine, the ways POCUS can be used to diagnose, monitor, and reassess patients is showing great progress. This portion of the course covers ultrasound use for patient assessment, reviews basic anatomy and anatomical landmarks, and covers specific POCUS practices for a few areas of the body. Some of those practices include the assessment of the lungs, heart, stomach, and a diagnostic method called eFast.

Maverick Medical Education

At Maverick Medical Education, our courses are designed with pedagogical principles in mind. We front-load our course materials into online modules that are accessible from any internet-connected device. This format gives you the flexibility to learn at your own pace and review materials through pre-recorded lectures, interactive quizzes, and more. By delivering the information ahead of time, you can maximize your hands-on training during the techniques portion of our courses, working with our patented pulsative cadavers and/or live models. Our courses are suitable for medical professionals, such as CRNAs, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other health professionals, who want to enhance their abilities or seek continuing education. Combining two courses allows you to gain the same content knowledge while practicing multiple methods in a single, in-person weekend. This approach saves you time and helps you become proficient faster.

Maverick Medical Education is committed to delivering the best. We want to provide the best content, the best instruction, and the best courses to help you learn. If you are ready to register for the combination course or want to see what else we have to offer, visit our course page now. For additional questions, contact us today.

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