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  • 5 Steps to Becoming a CRNA

    New Publication: Stellate Ganglion Block

    Exciting news! The first study for the Stellate Ganglion block (SGB) that David Gaskin was involved in has been published, and the results are promising. This study focused on the use of SGB as a [...]

  • Maverick Medical Education

    Adductor Canal Block

    A multitude of blocks exist, with slightly different outcomes, depending on the location of where the block is administered, but each has the same purpose. Blocks serve to decrease or limit pain in your body [...]

  • Maverick Medical Education

    Paravertebral Block

    Maverick Medical Education would be doing a disservice to those enrolled in our classes if we were not continuously advancing and testing old and new blocks and methods to provide pain relief. Continued advancement sometimes [...]



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