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Maverick Medical Education offers multiple courses on pain management techniques that are applicable in various clinical settings, in addition to a course on the method of POCUS, or point of care ultrasound. These courses give valuable information, knowledge, and skills that will help you care for your patients and community more effectively while also getting the continuing education you need to practice in your area. We know we aren’t the only option you have for your medical education, so why trust us with your time? With Maverick, you will get the training you need the way you need it.

Our Courses

Our courses are set up in a way that meets your needs because we understand the needs of medical professionals around the country. With a growing demand for online and virtual education on the rise, Maverick Medical Education is proud to say that we’ve been utilizing a remote platform for years. With the ability to do a large portion of our courses online, in your own time, you can better fit in coursework while still fulfilling your obligations in your professional and personal life. When your educators understand the value of your time and build flexibility into the course, you know you can trust they understand the profession in general. This understanding of the profession carries over to how we teach, train, and support those who register for our course.

Our Credibility

Maverick Medical Education is not just a single teacher who has learned information from a textbook and summarizes it for your needs. Our Maverick trainers are skilled medical professionals from across the country who have actively worked for years in the fields our students are from. This vast wealth of knowledge, adding up to decades of experience and training, helps us better teach techniques and predict issues or anomalies that may arise during your practice. What’s more, many of our Maverick trainers are still active in the field, allowing for continued advancement in training. Additionally, each of these educators offers a unique perspective that may speak to our students in a way that fosters a fuller understanding of the material and methods.

Our Continuing Advancement

If our Maverick Medical Education trainers stopped learning, we would be remiss of many techniques and coursework that are valuable to our students. Instead, our educators and leaders are constantly working to learn new methods, understand new applications, and offer new training to continue advancing in the realm of pain management and patient care. We have recently seen several applications of how to use certain pain relief methods to help treat long-lasting COVID symptoms. We have also recently seen the valuable application of POCUS for COVID triage, as well as utilizing this technology in the field.

To begin your coursework with Maverick Medical Education, contact us today. Our pre-training modules are available immediately upon registration, so you can begin learning at your own pace. Take advantage of our wealth of knowledge and credibility to better serve your own practice, today!

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