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The founders of Maverick Medical Education saw a need within the community of students who were graduating from colleges and medical programs without a base knowledge of techniques in regards to pain alleviation and prevention. Our founders wanted to share the extensive knowledge they had gained through repeated practice and from working in nurturing environments that allowed them the ability to grow and develop their skills. By leaning on this experience, Maverick Medical Education was formed and several courses developed to teach medical practitioners, both fresh from school and experienced in their own practices, how to best meet their patients’ needs. One of the fundamental courses in that set is Regional Anesthesia Essential Techniques.

This Course

This course contains an in depth look at regional anesthesia and the different applications for how they can be used to help patients by administering one of the seven types of nerve blocks. Each of our modules not only discusses the science, history, and advantages of different methods or blocks, but also gives instruction and guidance on how to best explain and speak with patients about these practices. Having different language cues can be an advantage in helping a patient feel comfortable with the procedure they will be undergoing. Our instruction even goes so far as to discuss the dosage of certain drugs along with the best techniques for specific types of blocks. This course covers multiple types of anesthesia blocks to provide a firm foundation of skills and knowledge.

Additionally, by digging deep into our decades of experience and instructing on the smallest components, like hand positioning and body placement, we are ensuring the maximum effectiveness once our students are actually in the field, ready to practice and administer on their own. A vital component of our instruction also relates to the prevalence of ultrasound assisted and guided administration and in using ultrasound information for clues to diagnosing certain conditions or issues.

Our Education

The modules follow the same basic pattern, with introductory information, videos, information, and an assessment and conclusion. By following this model, students know what to expect with each portion of the course and they are able to check for understanding at the end of each section. By receiving that immediate feedback, students will know if they need to review a specific set of content or if they need to ask clarifying questions from our Maverick Instructors. Additionally, with our reverse classroom model, we prime instruction with content and academic style information before coming to our classrooms to practice. We’ve found this helps students retain knowledge and helps make them more effective medical practitioners. Further, we want as much of our classroom interaction to be as experiential as possible. By using live models and pulsatile cadavers, our students learn the best ways to administer anesthesia.

To learn more about our courses, our founders, and what we can offer you, please contact us today. If you are already interested in this course or one of the other courses we offer, see our online form and schedule to sign up. We want to educate as many medical practitioners as possible to meet the needs of them and their communities.

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