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Maverick Medical Education is committed to teaching pain relief methods to medical providers around the country. Within our courses, there are a number of methods explored, including within our Chronic Pain Series. This three-course series offers dozens of ways to relieve chronic pain and can help you better your practice through continued education with us.

Each Course

Every one of our courses follows a flipped classroom model that we know is better for retention and learning. Once registered for our course, you will have immediate access to learning modules to provide the foundational learning you will need to gain in your own time from any internet-connected device. You will get hands-on learning opportunities in person, adjusting and tweaking until each method is perfected.

Chronic Pain Series I

The course begins with a brief overview of what pain is and different methods and processes for assessing that pain without patients. There are several different sources for pain and even more factors that influence pain and how it is felt by each of us. By providing this foundation and new ways to communicate about pain, we are helping to improve outcomes in clinics and medical settings across the country. From there, we use fluoroscopy to explore pain felt in different regions of the body, within joints, muscle groups, or clusters of the body. Pain relief options and techniques, along with their benefits and risks are discussed.

Chronic Pain Series II

This course is also fluoroscopy based and begins with an overview of the spinal column and the anatomy of this literal backbone of our bodies. Imaging is a crucial part of this course which becomes more and more pertinent to pain management and relief as image reading is vital to our work. There are so many variances in pain from the spinal column and this specific region of the body that this course is not comprehensive in this type of pain but gives a solid foundation for what to discuss and explore with our patients. Additionally, we look at pharmacology and the increasing data that points to minimizing the use of opioids in practice.

Chronic Pain Series III

This course builds on the prior two courses within this series and focuses largely on the use of ultrasound in identifying and exploring sources of pain. There is a vast amount of information we can gain from using ultrasound technology to assist us in patient care. Once we look at a few joints within the body and pain felt in those areas, we will transition to additional pain management techniques, like nerve blocks, that are effective in these cases. To begin the Chronic Pain Series or to take the next step in learning from our Maverick Medical Education team, you can register online or contact us today. Our Maverick Educators have decades of practice and can pass along these techniques to medical providers everywhere.

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