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Maverick Medical Education is committed to getting members of the community out of pain and back to their regular lives in any way possible. So firm is our commitment, we train other providers in the techniques we have mastered along the way. Our courses are on the cutting edge of medial practices. Once our Essentials course is completed, students have the option of continuing their education with our Advanced course, to further their skills and knowledge.

Our Advanced Course

Our Advanced Regional Anesthesia class is specifically designed to partner with our Essentials class. By building on the skills you already learned, we believe your learning will be more comprehensive, enabling understanding and comprehension in the actual course, but also rounding your skills as a provider. The Advanced course dives into several specific blocks. Within each of the modules about these blocks, there is information about the nature of the block, when to apply this strategy, pros and cons of the block, and provides ultrasound assisted imaging to show what is happening internally as well as externally. By providing comprehensive information about the blocks, we are confidant our students will better understand and retain the knowledge we are providing, but they will also be better skilled and equipped to communicate with their patients in regards to their purposes.

Additional Support

We understand that some of the techniques we teach in our Advanced course are so specialized; you may wonder if you even need the expertise we provide. Our Mavericks firmly believe that having the greatest number of tools and skills in their repertoire as possible makes you a stronger provider and better able to meet any need your patients have, head on. That being said, we would hate to teach you something and have too much time between learning the skill and actually putting it into practice. For this reason, for this course, we have developed a gallery with tips, tricks, reminders, and some downloadable sets of information to provide a reference for the less common techniques. By having these reference points, you can lean on our knowledge and teaching far beyond the original course.

Our Teaching

We have dozens of Maverick educators who bring decades of experience and the finesse of thousands of successful patient interactions to our curriculum. With their input, these courses were specifically designed to extract what is core to each section and provide exactly what our students need and want to know. Each of our courses is designed in what we have termed as “flipped classroom”. We provide the content you need online with videos, charts, visuals, and information. This content is available through any Internet connected device. With the academic material front loaded, your weekend with our instructors can be focused solely on practicing, both on live patients and pulsatile cadavers, to ensure you have experience performing these techniques. Additionally, our support team and Maverick instructors are available for questions and to help dig in to further clarifications you may need.

To sign up for one of our courses, see our online schedule. We have upcoming classes in various areas that will fit the furthering of your education. To learn more about who we are and the other courses we teach, contact us today.

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