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The field of pain management grows by leaps and bounds every day. By leaning on the extensive knowledge of our Maverick Instructors, our students gain decades of experiences to draw on and learn the nuances that make pain management effective for our practitioners. Our courses are designed to provide that for medical professionals all over the country, through online modules and in person training. The Advanced Pain Management: Chronic Pain Series 3 was specifically designed to provide a comprehensive curriculum of pathology and interventions.

Our Teaching Style

Our programs were created by busy medical practitioners, for busy medical practitioners. We intrinsically understand the demands faced by our field so we took time to create online modules to front-load the academic information and content knowledge that will be needed for this series. These modules are accessible from any Internet connected device and have both a web-browsing and app friendly format. Equipped with the content knowledge, students then attend a weekend long, hands-on course where the actual practices needed in the clinic will be learned from our Maverick Instructors. This in person training contains observation, multiple repetition, and face-to-face interaction with instructors for questions and clarification.

Pain Management Course

The course itself builds on the prior courses in this series. Beginning with a history of and advances with ultrasound, students will learn about this crucial tool in many medical practices. Ultrasound is becoming so important for medicine that we have another course entirely devoted to its usage. The portions that follow contain rich amounts of information about specific joints and how an ultrasound can give vast insight into what is taking place in a patient’s body. Step by step, our instructors break down exactly how they would evaluate these joints, using ultrasound and patient information to best determine a pain management solution. The last pain management specific modules cover nerves and the blocks most commonly associated with those types of pain. These modules have quiz type questions interspersed between slides, videos, and printed information, in order to reach different learning styles and to check for understanding throughout.

Above and beyond

As if that information wasn’t enough in a single course, the end of the series concludes with information on how to set up your own pain management practice. Far beyond finding a building and equipment, there is a lot that goes into practices like ours and by providing guidance on how to negotiate contracts, the best ways to go about coding and building, and how to determine if you want to set up your own practice or to work under an existing surgical practice, we are helping to guide the next generation of pain management practitioners into the field. The three courses together look at the pain management practice comprehensively, trying to build a medical provider that is ready to get their patients back to their day-to-day as quickly as possible.

To learn more about our group or to sign up for our courses, please contact us today. We have multiple courses to help build on your already extensive knowledge to help you be the best medical provider you can be.

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