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We would be doing our communities a disservice if we didn’t take time to share the knowledge and experience all of our Maverick Educators have gained over the years of practicing medicine. Similarly, we would be doing our communities and students a disservice if we stopped at a single Advanced Course discussing pain management techniques. Our second course focuses largely on pain that originates from the spinal column. The spine contributes to an extraordinary amount of work in the body, so it makes sense that the spine is particularly susceptible to pain from overuse, misuse, or other components of a patient’s day-to-day.

An Overview

By giving a thorough review of the spinal anatomy, our course begins with understanding what the spinal column looks like from various angles and through different sources of imaging. This will become important for diagnostic reasons as medical practitioners increase the amount of image reading they do in conjunction with trained technicians. By understanding the anatomy of the spine and the different components that make up the spinal column, it becomes more manageable to understand how variances create pain. The course discusses several types of pain that occurs in the spine before discussing various techniques and treatment options to relieve this pain. Unfortunately, not every patient is the same, so not only will their pain and treatment look different depending on the person, the way pain manifests itself and the spinal column itself may have slight alterations that need to be recognized by medical staff. We could never go through all the little anomalies our staff has seen, but we can discuss the most likely ones you may encounter in your practice and how to circumvent any issues those may bring into the equation. We round out our 9-module course with content centered around pharmacology and opioids.

Our Course Model

Just as our other courses, we have designed the educational model to be front-loaded with content and information. Once you sign in for your course, you can begin learning from your computer, phone, tablet, or any other internet connected device. This allows the flexibility many of our medical practitioners need as they juggle busy work and life schedules. The modules will keep track of where you have paused or completed a section and have miniature checkpoints built in to the actual lectures or at the end of each section of information. By inserting checkpoints throughout the module, you can see what areas you may need to research further, ask clarifying questions, or simply listen to once more. Once the content is learned through the online modules, a weekend course is completed to practice in an experiential setting. Courses are small allowing for contact with our instructors and for multiple attempts at the techniques we teach, so competence is achieved quickly.

To learn more about our Advanced Pain Management: Chronic Pain Series 2 course, contact us. Our schedule is also available online for you to sign up, today.

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