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Maverick Medical Education is on the cutting edge of medical training for several reasons. First, our courses focus on providing the best skills for pain relief and Point of Care Ultrasound technology to medical providers around the country. These skills will improve diagnoses, care, and prognosis for endless numbers of patients. Second, our uniquely set up courses provide the best education for the providers who enroll to learn. Part of that education includes utilizing multimedia to reinforce what we are teaching, including the crucial use of visuals in our courses.

Why use visuals?

It would be easy to stand up and talk for hours on end when providing any course, especially when you are repeating a course multiple times throughout the year. However, if the goal of our educators is for student retention and the ability for patient lives to be improved, we would be remiss if we didn’t provide the best possible course, which includes much more than simply providing the content. According to multiple studies, 65% of the population are visual learners, which means we need to supply those visuals, whether teaching in person or online. There is a quicker and longer-lasting connection between content seen and content heard. Visuals also motivate learners to continue working through material, which is helpful in online and self-paced content.

How do we apply this?

Our courses are designed for students to learn the maximum amount, which means using several visuals throughout our modules. By adding graphs, pictures, charts, diagrams, and photographs, we are not only teaching precise information, but we are building a better connection between the content and the brain. Since our courses are also self-paced, students can pause to look closer at a visual if they need clarification or additional time to learn or review what they see. Our modules also work through a Maverick Medical Educator speaking and teaching content, interspersed with visuals, and reinforced with videos as needed.

Our Courses

We have many courses that use visuals in eLearning to help medical providers learn pain management and relief techniques or to use POCUS technology in their practice. Each course is available as soon as you have registered so you can begin working through modules in your own time, whether it is during long on-call shifts or on a standard weekend you may have. Dispersed through the modules are checkpoints to ensure you have the most critical information before moving to the next section. After completing the modules, we offer hands-on practical training that takes place over a weekend with our Maverick Medical Educators. We provide a multitude of opportunities to get repetition on live models and high-quality cadavers, making it more likely you will be able to apply your new skills immediately.

If you are ready to use the visuals and other content available in our courses, see our course offerings today. You can sign up and begin learning. If you have additional questions, contact us.

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