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Maverick Medical Education knows there are better solutions, both to patient care and in regards to educating health professionals. This knowledge and passion for more drives Maverick to constantly improve and innovate. Maverick Medical Education offers education that is personal, adaptable, and impactful.

Personal Education

Maverick Medical Education is aware the medical profession attracts various personality and learning types. Additionally, our programming fits the needs of medical professionals with varying levels of focus. Our organization proudly offers “a variety of courses for CRNAs, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, and other allied health professionals”. Several courses can assist in each of the skill sets needed by these areas. The personal level of our educational courses does not end in the variety of courses we offer, but continues once a module begins. Questions are encouraged through the pre-course modules and personal development is imperative to our on site training. Not only do we provide an extensive amount of our expertise through this training, but repetition in hands on practice is core to what we provide. In fact, it is not uncommon in some of our courses for every student to practice certain methods 40 to 50 times.

Adaptable Education

Every one of us, whether in private practice or in transition between careers, have full schedules. Maverick has custom designed our course to assist with your active schedules. Our pre-course modules are accessible at any time from any device with an Internet connection, allowing you to complete the first steps of your coursework at the time and place of your choosing. After completion, enrolled participants travel to receive experience and practice, while asking questions and refining methods to take back to their practice with them.  We refer to this model as a flipped classroom method, learning followed by practice. Educational principles see the value of this model; one study by Vanderbilt showed students scored 30% higher with a flipped method of instruction than standard instruction. Their study argues, “By providing an opportunity for students to use their new factual knowledge while they have access to immediate feedback from peers and the instructor, the flipped classroom helps students learn to correct misconceptions and organize their new knowledge such that it is more accessible for future use.” Having knowledge accessible for future use is exactly what we want our medical professionals to have, especially when dealing with pain. To lean further into this adaptable level of education, we purposefully keep our student to teacher ratio low, allowing for as much practice as time will allow, feedback designed for each individual, and overall increased learning.

Impactful Education

We believe our patients deserve a solution to their pain that goes beyond opioid prescriptions. This tenant fueled our efforts to learning more about non-prescriptive solutions and drives our commitment to education in these alternative methods. Rather than rest in the methods and knowledge we have experience in, we continue to learn, to add additional instructors, and innovate within the growing field. Additionally, our methods are designed to provide the best opportunities for learning in a condensed amount of time. Our use of pulsatile cadavers allows students to see the impact on pain and anesthesia on their future patients, knowing if their placement is correct. Our focus in using ultrasound machines as an assessment tool, specifically in regards to point of care ultrasound (POCUS), and is eager to model the use of state of the art machinery, demonstrates to students the benefits of increased ultrasound use in medical practices and in the field. When the course allows, we use live models to boost the amount of feedback and learning.

Maverick Medical Education wants to prepare you to assist your patients. Visit our course page to discover more about the ways we can increase your skill set or contact us with questions today.

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