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Maverick Medical Education is focused on teaching skills our team has honed and refined through decades of medical practice. We are passionate about others learning techniques that will help relieve pain in their communities and make a better diagnosis for their patients. That said, our Maverick Medical Education Instructors are constantly learning themselves and adding to our courses so that we can provide the best medical care through what we have taught our students. This modeling is one component of why continuous medical education is so important.

New Research

As the medical profession is not stagnant, it consistently adds new information to the volumes already produced. Some techniques may stay the same over the years, but many others can at least point to the ways in which they have been refined over the same period. Through continuous education, you can expose yourself to research and techniques that have kept up with the evolution of medicine. On a logistical note, continuing education is necessary to keep up your licensing, due to the overwhelming evidence that learning, studying, and practicing are vital to what we do in our offices and hospitals every day.

Constant Practice

There are some skills medical providers use every day and become so intrinsic that we could do them in our sleep. However, there are quite a few more skills that we may need a refresher course on before using them on a patient. Continuing medical education allows us to learn new skills and practice the lesser-used skills we have already obtained. This is especially true with Maverick Medical Education, where our courses are specifically designed to give you practice on every procedure, so you walk away with proficiency in that procedure and are better able to apply those skills to improve patient outcomes immediately.


While there are several continuing education courses you could do in isolation, there are even more, like our Maverick Medical Education courses, that have a component of meeting other medical providers from around the country as you learn. This networking is invaluable for numerous reasons, such as not only can you learn from the questions or inquiries of other medical providers, but we can too. Additionally, by building a network of different providers, you can reach out in the future about tricky cases, unique patients, or other situations that you may want further insight into. We also love to watch our students during the portion of our courses where they perform the techniques and get that repetition in, specifically in how they speak about a procedure. Sometimes these little nuances give great insight into how to better communicate with other students or for them to learn from one another how to best explain a procedure to their patients.

If you are ready to sign up with Maverick Medical Education for your continuous education, see our course offerings online. You can begin your coursework immediately with our flipped classroom model by accessing content online. If you have any questions, contact us today!

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