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One of the many advantages of doing continuing education and additional training with Maverick Medical Education is our flipped classroom model. Once you sign up for a course, your content learning is available at your fingertips for you to work through at a time that is most convenient for you. We find this is especially helpful for our medical community who often works odd hours and even odder shifts and need that mobility for learning. Once you have primed your brain with the content the course requires, we practice techniques face-to-face, giving you the guidance and repetition, you need for proficiency. There are a few technicalities to consider when accessing our courses.

First Steps

Once you have purchased a course, we know you will be excited to begin looking over the modules and maybe even starting the learning process. The courses are available immediately and can be accessed through a quick link on our website. By using your login and password, you can find the courses you have purchased under the tag “YOUR MAVERICK COURSES” where you will find a link prompting for you to click on the link that says, “Go to course”, redirecting you to the eLearning website. All of your courses can be found under the same login and password, allowing you to easily build on each as you work through our curriculum.


Our eLearning website is hosted on The modules and curriculum are available at your fingertips from any internet connected device. However, not all platforms work as well with Skyepack. We recommend downloading the Skyepack mobile app through iTunes or Google Play. You can login through the app using the same login and password that you chose when signing up for your courses. The app is free. Please keep in mind that the app is best used as a reference tool only. Because of the high use of video in the modules, the app may not function optimally on a phone or small tablet. For full functionality of the program, it is best to use a desktop, laptop, or larger tablet with a Google Chrome browser.


Because it is technology, we all expect problems from time to time. While you can access Skyepack from any internet connected device on a web browser, occasionally the mobile browser, like Safari on your iPhone, may not show the full functionality that the app or browser on your computer may show. This may be less of a concern for students who want to look through different parts of the modules and different times and can be adaptable as to which content they work through at any given time. Additionally, like any other piece of technology, there are occasionally updates that may impact your learning, so check that as well. The support for Skyepack is helpful if you are still experiencing issues and will help your courses to go as smoothly as possible.

We are excited to see how our Maverick Medical Education students learn, both in their online modules and in person with our hands on training. We have put thought into the types of courses offered, the content of those courses, and how that content is presented, knowing you will be better medical providers for it. To learn more about our courses, contact us today.

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