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Maverick Medical Education strives to take the experience and research we have gathered to help our patients and communities and reach out to even more with our training and learning programs. Over 100 million adults suffer from chronic pain in the United States, the need for pain management techniques are vast. Rather than keeping this knowledge under lock and key, we are passionate about teaching others pain management techniques to make them better medical providers in multiple capacities. Our new website has helped to streamline the information to help those medical providers learn more.


While our techniques may be refined, we understand there are multiple courses and programs to assist in your professional development. Maverick Medical Education has a number of advantages, including low student/teacher ratios, custom courses, and eight highly qualified instructors to ensure you get the practice and content needed to help you grow. Our instructors were specifically selected for the experience they bring to teach others. Our about page also provides much needed context and testimony with feedback from former “students” who attended our course.  One attendee asserts, “All of the clinical instructors are motivated to help you succeed.” Another agrees, stating, “They put a lot of time into planning, preparation and set up for this 2-day class and it really shows.”


Maverick Medical Education knows a lot about pain. Pain is complicated and affects a number of people throughout the country. Maverick also understands there are many ways to best treat and manage pain, so offering one course may not cover the needs the medical community has. Our course offerings are comprehensive and expansive. Our chronic pain series uses interactive learning modules to fully prepare students, paired with 16 hours of hands on instruction in a lab setting. We provide two regional anesthesia courses, an essentials course and an advanced course, specifically designed to build a foundation and then refine techniques. Our last course offered gives training and experience in using the crucial skill of point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) to fully assess your patient’s needs. There are full descriptions of each available course on our website to guide your decision for joining our program.


Our resources and help are not confined to the courses we offer, our website provides a number of resources and help to further your research and understanding of pain management techniques. Any articles we feel are valuable to our field can be found in our growing list of publications. We will continue adding our own content to our blog, providing Maverick Medical Education specific resources to help you and to share with members of your community. For added fun and to show our growing number of Maverick trained professionals, we have a photo and video gallery. This gallery will also provide valuable insight into what our courses are structured like and how interaction takes place. Additionally, because many who take our courses need information about accommodations and travel, our resource page provides recommendations and scheduling information.

Maverick Medical Education can only assist in your practice if you reach out to us. See our list of upcoming courses or contact us today to learn more.

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