We are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership that Maverick Medical Education has formed with Standard Ultrasound! This collaboration is set to bring tremendous support to our valued alumni through exclusive access to cutting-edge medical equipment.

For years, our Maverick alumni have completed their hands-on lab sessions and inquired about acquiring their own ultrasound devices. Understanding this need, and always striving to enhance the learning and professional practice of our former students, we now offer the groundbreaking handheld GE Vscan Air CL at a special, alumni-exclusive price.

The Power of GE Vscan Air CL

The GE Vscan Air CL is a stellar example of portability meeting high performance. It is a handheld, wireless ultrasound device that fits in your pocket, delivering crystal-clear imaging right at the point of care. With this device, practitioners can make accelerated diagnostic and treatment decisions across various medical situations and specialties.

Why Choose the GE Vscan Air CL?

  • Versatility: Engineered for whole-body scanning, it features dual probe capabilities for both shallow and deep scans.
  • Mobility: Handheld, lightweight, and wire-free, tailored to use with your personal mobile device.
  • Quality: Empowered by SignalMax technology, the GE Vscan Air CL offers exceptional image clarity unexpected in handheld devices.
  • Range: Ideal for a variety of fields including anesthesia, primary care, cardiology, women’s health, and more.

Exclusive Alumni Pricing

In recognition of our Maverick community, we are pleased to present an unbeatable offer. Maverick Alumni will be eligible to purchase the GE VScan Air CL at an 18% discount! This special pricing is our way of saying thank you and is exclusively available to those who have attended any Maverick course, past or present.

A Legacy of Excellence

Choosing the Vscan Air CL means investing in a legacy of innovation. GE Healthcare has been a pioneer in portable ultrasound technology, trusted by over 30,000 users worldwide. When you select the Vscan family, you’re supported by the reliability and innovation that GE Healthcare represents.

We are delighted to facilitate access to such transformative technology through our partnership with Standard Ultrasound, aimed directly at elevating the practice and effectiveness of our alumni.

For more information on getting your GE Vscan Air CL, visit our Maverick Equipment page or contact us directly to learn how you can benefit from this exclusive offer.

Thank you for being a vital part of the Maverick community. We look forward to helping you expand your diagnostic capabilities and enhance patient care with the GE Vscan Air CL.

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