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Continued education is vital to medical practice, for those in almost every aspect of what we do. Maverick Education was founded by a passion to help others learn the skills our leadership team acquired when searching for ways to better serve their patients. By constantly learning new techniques, practices, and methods, we can provide better care for those who walk through our doors everyday.

Who Should Take Our Courses?

Our courses are, in an overarching way, for anyone who wants to improve their skills and learn new techniques to provide quality patient care in their own clinical setting. In a figurative way, it is for those who want to decrease prescription usage, who want to provide pain and anesthesia solutions, and who may even want to improve the costs on both sides of the patient/medical provider relationship. In a more literal way, our courses are for medical professionals who are interested in or are beginning to use of some of the methods we are expanding on and refining. We have taught doctors, nurses, registered certified nurse anesthetists, nurse practitioners, and physician’s assistants, simply depending on which course and what level it is. By looking through the basic information of our courses, you may be able to hone in on what course is best suited for your needs.

Benefits and Skills Obtained

Every course will vary in the skills you will obtain, from learning more about Point of Care Ultrasound and the ways it will revolutionize how diagnoses are made and care is provided to advancing your knowledge about nerve blocks and how it can reduce the chances of harmful opioid addiction in our population. In every course, the utmost care is taken to provide content and helpful practice. Instead of simply learning a technique from a video, and hoping it is performed correctly in a clinical setting, our in person training will show the technique and provide multiple opportunities to adjust, tweak, and learn from our Maverick Instructors. Our classes all boast a small instructor to student ratio despite the high demand for our courses. We believe this one on one time is imperative for learning these skills. We focus on the details and make sure the cadavers we use are the best quality available and arrange for live models when possible. We want every person who comes through a Maverick course to be immediately ready to perform these skills on their own in their own clinical setting.

Why Pick Maverick?

Maverick Education is uniquely designed by those actively practicing medicine for those actively practicing medicine. We understand that schedules cannot always be rearranged to attend weeklong conferences to obtain new skills and complete continuing education. With this understanding, we designed a course that will meet the needs of any schedule. Once you have enrolled in a course, the academic work is accessible at your fingertips, from any Internet connected device. This content, which is rich with video instruction, data, and checkpoints to measure your own understanding, can be learned at your own pace, in your own time. We refer to this as our flipped model. With the content knowledge you gain, you will be well equipped to begin practicing techniques in our weekend clinical lab setting, getting hands on trials and the repetition you need to learn these skills. Additionally, all of our courses, both the online and in person components, are taught by skilled professionals who together have decades of experience and have pioneered many of these methods in their own practices.


If you have been considering continued education, Maverick Education could be the right way for you to learn new skills in a flexible, but quality way. We want to help you grow your knowledge and your practice to fit your needs. To learn more, look through our online course calendar, see our course information, or contact us today.

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