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Maverick Medical Education isn’t just passionate about teaching others pain relief methods. We are also passionate about making medical providers better versions of themselves, adding new knowledge, techniques, and trade tips that will serve the patients at each of their practices even better after the completion of one, or all, of our courses. Hand in hand with that, each medical professional has to continue their education beyond their years of schooling, through continuing education credits.

What is it?

Continuing education can be specific courses that allow for those in the medical field to refine or relearn some of their skills and knowledge. Continuing education credit courses can be found for almost every topic imaginable and have to be approved and accredited. Both hospitals and states require specific credit hours, but this changes from region to region. Just like with any other educational experience, not all credit courses are equal.

Why is it important?

As professionals, we want to continue to grow and develop to meet the needs of our patients. While we have invested a fair amount of time in medical school and residency, we hold on to the term that we are “practicing medicine.” There is always more to learn, more to try, and more to develop in what we can offer to provide the best care for those who walk through our doors. Sometimes we simply haven’t had the exposure to all the information that is out there. Other times we hone in on specific areas of practice that garner our interest. Still other times there are new developments in technology, equipment, or methods that haven’t been taught yet. Continuing education gives us the opportunity to expand our ability to practice medicine, adding more tools to our toolbox to care for our patients.

Why Maverick?

Maverick Medical Education is the perfect place to continue your medical education and earn your needed continuing education credits. In our flipped classroom model, as soon as you register for a course, you will have access to learning modules. These modules are accessible on any internet connected device and will provide interactive online learning. This flexibility is ideal for those already practicing medicine as schedules change wildly from practice to practice and, for some, from day to day. From there, most of our courses have a proficiency lab to provide the hands on learning and instruction needed to practice the skills you will begin to use right away. With the lecture and textbook style learning out of the way, lab time will be completely devoted to repetition and time with our expert instructors, allowing you to be confident and comfortable with every procedure.

From pain management to point of care ultrasound, Maverick Medical Education has several courses that can assist your practice and help your patients receive more comprehensive care. To learn more about our course offerings, contact us today.

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