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ERstravaganza Course Covers Ultrasound Application in Emergency Room Setting

IOLA, TEXAS–This month, Maverick Medical Education launched their latest instructional course, ERstravaganza. The program seeks to harness the power of Maverick’s patented pulsatile cadaver technology to provide catered instruction to medical providers looking to best harness ultrasound technology in emergency room settings.

“Maverick Medical Education would like to announce the launch of our first ERstravaganza course in Helena, Montana,” said CRNA and Co-owner of Maverick Medical Education Dan Nash. “We will teach students how to identify regional nerve blocks in emergency settings using our patented pulsatile technology, empowering them to improve their skills and patient outcomes through intense, hands-on training.”

The 45 credit course costs $1500 and will kick off on July 16, 2022 at St. Peters Training Center in Helena, Montana. The course will cover standard ultrasound exams, including FAST and eFAST, RUSH and BLUE protocols, and more. The course will also cover point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) administration and vascular access.

In all instructional settings, Maverick employs the “flipped classroom” paradigm, allowing them to provide intense, hands-on training for usage of POCUS ultrasounds and the placement of a few simple ultrasound-guided nerve blocks. The course’s online didactic modules are completed prior to immersive, hands-on labs, allowing the learner to have multiple hours of US probe and needle time to perfect the skills covered in the online content. This flipped classroom technique has seen success over the past 10 years in teaching nerve blocks and POCUS to thousands of anesthesia providers, and Maverick is now bringing it to the Emergency Medicine arena.

Additionally, the course covers pain control administration using ultrasound guided nerve blocks, a trending tool for emergency room medicine practitioners, combining two powerful ultrasound skillsets into one course. With the assistance of incredibly talented and knowledgeable emergency room professionals at the St. Peters Training Center, Maverick has put together a course that covers the ultrasound basics including how ultrasound works, the physics behind ultrasound technology, and how to take advantage of ultrasound’s massive capabilities for patient assessment and treatment in the ER setting.

In administering this course, Maverick aims to empower point-of-care ultrasound providers–specifically emergency room physicians, physicians assistants, and nurse practitioners–to make faster and more accurate diagnoses, improve patient outcomes, and treat patients more effectively and efficiently by harnessing the power of ultrasound technology.

For more information about the course or to register, click here.

Maverick wields the latest technology and proven experiential learning techniques to turn our students into experts on regional nerve blocks and ultrasound applications at the point of care. Learn more about our talented team or contact us today for more information.

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