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Our Mavericks are passionate about sharing their knowledge with other medical professionals. Large numbers of hours are devoted to learning, sharing, and discussing the best practices for the skills we teach. The collaboration made possible by this endeavor has taught us a lot for our weekday practices as well. Throughout the journey of our careers, continuing education has been vital for keeping our brains and our techniques sharp in order to provide the best care possible for our patients and within our communities. In fact, continuing education has a lot of important components and benefits.

     1. Increased potential for promotion. 

Employers look for a number of factors when considering employees for promotions and special opportunities. By initiating continuing education, devoting time to learning more about your field, and, in some cases, spending your own money to do so, individuals can show that they are interested in improving. Not only will you gain an additional set of marketable skills, but your passion for your position or for the improvement of your industry will show.

     2. An increase in salary. 

Often times, your investment of time and money in further education leads to an increase or a higher starting salary. According to Western Governor’s University, someone with a college degree can expect twice the pay of someone without the degree. Further, additional degrees and certifications can extend that pay in comparison with a typical position holder for the same job.

     3. Ease in career transition. 

If you want to seek different employment, whether at a new company or at a new position within the same company, you will have to prove you have the skills in order to do the job. Continuing education can provide those skills. As Western Governor’s argues, “without this education, there’s no way for you to qualify for or succeed in a position.”

     4. Marketability. 

While basic job security is desired, being able to market yourself among fierce competition is a benefit, especially in our fluctuating economy. You may not be interested in bogging down your resume with every experience you can imagine, but a few thought out continuing education courses that are streamlined towards your career goals will help you market yourself.

      5. Boost to your lifestyle. 

As if the increase in income or the ability to market yourself wasn’t enough, continuing education can also boost your self-esteem and likelihood to feel content. Challenging your brain and working towards goals you have set for yourself offers a mental boost, which should carry over to multiple aspects of your life.

     6. Personal development. 

Continuing education, especially in smaller bursts, is a great way to discover or explore talents or interests that you are unsure of. Without the commitment of a full career change, you can spend a shorter amount of time discovering if this is the right path for you. Additionally, continuing education tends to have more flexibility and options in regards to length of courses or method of delivery, allowing for different learners to adapt.


Maverick Medical Education offers those in the medical field to tackle new interests or certifications in order to increase their marketability, to learn new methods, and to complete a large amount of course work in their own time. Our unique teaching model provides all of the content ahead of time and is accessible from any device with internet service. This flexibility allows you to keep your current position while further learning occurs. Once the content is learned, our instructors guide you through a weekend long intensive practicum where you will get the hands on skills you need to perfect your technique. To learn more about our continuing education courses or to register for one of these courses, contact us today. We have a number of courses ready for you to begin, online, to learn and develop.

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