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Maverick Medical Education is proud to be entering another year of providing quality medical education and training in the different aspects of patient care and pain management techniques. We know that every medical professional we can train leads to better diagnosis, prognosis, and outcomes for patients across the country. Our offered courses have been refined and fine-tuned to provide the best education and training over the years we have been working. This year is no different.

Point of Care Ultrasound

Point of Care Ultrasound, or POCUS, is a course that trains students to use ultrasound in several settings for patient diagnosis, treatment, care, and ongoing monitoring. POCUS has applications in hospital settings, individual clinics, and even multiple field scenarios. This course will teach the basics of this technology and the methods that make it even more effective. Some of the methods we teach are eFAST and to learn about Venous Access. We will see students for this course on March 4, July 1, and December 2 in Fort Worth.

Chronic Pain Series

This course is designed for CRNAs focused on pain management. Chronic pain is an increasing field of treatment around the country, and we teach a thorough understanding of the physiology of pain, the assessment and diagnosis of pain, and, of course, the many different treatment options to find relief for this pain. In addition to pre-learning modules, this course will give time in the lab with hands-on experience and learning methods on cadavers. In this course, fluoroscopy-guided and ultrasound-guided pain intervention techniques are explored. Part 1 of this course will take place the weekend of July 22-23, the second part is in Fort Worth the weekend of October 7-8, and part 3 is scheduled for January 27-28, 2024, also in Fort Worth.

Regional Anesthesia- Essentials

Not only does this course teach multiple nerve blocks that assist medical professionals in anesthetic techniques, but it is also the only nerve block continuing education course with high-fidelity pulsatile cadaver training, allowing students to perform all blocks taught. This experience and training are vital to professionals being ready to apply these techniques to their patients immediately. The blocks taught include interscalene, axillary, femoral, and popliteal sciatic. These courses are typically in Fort Worth, with one offered soon, the weekend of February 18-19. There are also courses scheduled for March 25-26, April 15-16, May 20-21, June 24-25, July 15-16 (in Lexington, KY), September 16-17, November 4-5 (in Lexington, KY), with more to be scheduled soon.

Regional Anesthesia- Advanced

To take this course, we recommend a high level of proficiency with ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia. We build on this knowledge and practice more challenging anesthesia skills. By increasing training, you have the ability to offer even more assistance to the patients you see every day. Some of the blocks we teach are the erector spinae, suprascapular, and TAP. This course is offered in Fort Worth from April 22-23 and October 21-22.

Maverick Medical Education can help you learn the techniques you need to relieve pain for your patients in a number of circumstances or to learn to use tools that will provide patient care in various settings. Whether you are interested in taking one course with our Maverick trainers or are invested in them all, our courses are available at many times and locations. Visit our course calendar calendar today to find out more, and contact us with any questions you may have!

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