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This course covers ultrasound basics, in-depth anatomical instruction, and extensive, hands-on needle guidance techniques for essential peripheral nerve blocks. This block training is performed on our patented pulsatile cadaver specimens which offers the most realistic block training in medical education.
Nerve Blocks Taught:

• Adductor Canal    • Axillary    • Femoral    • Genicular    • Interscalene/Supraclavicular    • PENG/LFCN    • Popliteal Plexus    • Popliteal Sciatic

This course focuses on cardiac, pulmonary, and gastric volume assessment. Vascular access with ultrasound assistance is also taught to include peripheral and central vascular access. These courses provide students with a comprehensive academic understanding of the topics, practical skills related to the topics, practiced in a hands-on lab under the watchful eyes of industry experts to gain the confidence to apply these skills.
Topics Include:

• An Introduction to Ultrasound   • Cardiac Assessment   • eFAST Assessment   • Gastric Assessment   • Pulmonary Assessment

   • US for Internal Jugular Access   • US Guided Vascular Access   • Venous Access

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