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Regional Anesthesia Essentials

Types of Nerve Blocks We Teach

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With a number of courses, ranging from pain management to point of care ultrasound, our Maverick Medical Education team gets questions about the skills and techniques our students will walk away with. In addition to the knowledge we give in each of our courses, we provide students with the opportunity for hands-on training and in person guidance from our skilled Maverick Instructors. Our Regional Anesthesia Essentials and Advanced courses train on a number of nerve blocks to provide experience in providing pain relief.

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What We Teach: Regional Anesthesia Essential Techniques

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The founders of Maverick Medical Education saw a need within the community of students who were graduating from colleges and medical programs without a base knowledge of techniques in regards to pain alleviation and prevention. Our founders wanted to share the extensive knowledge they had gained through repeated practice and from working in nurturing environments that allowed them the ability to grow and develop their skills. By leaning on this experience, Maverick Medical Education was formed and several courses developed to teach medical practitioners, both fresh from school and experienced in their own practices, how to best meet their patients’ needs. One of the fundamental courses in that set is Regional Anesthesia Essential Techniques.

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