Welcome Future CRNA’s!

We are excited for you to attend Maverick’s first ever SRNA/RRNA Essentials Nerve Block Event! As a reminder this event is exclusively for current SRNA’s and RRNA’s from anesthesia schools across the United States.

In order to verify that only current anesthesia students sign up to attend this event, we are asking for all interested participants to fill out the following information and include a picture of your current student ID. Once you’ve submitted your information and we’ve verified your student ID, Maverick Medical Education will send an invoice for $600 directly to the email you provided. Once you pay this invoice, you will be fully signed up to attend the event and your seat will be locked in!

Students who are currently enrolled in an Anesthesia school program but will graduate from their anesthesia school before the event on September 7-8 are still welcome to attend!

  • We are offering the course for only $600! A quarter of the regular price for this course.
  • Saturday evening Maverick Medical Education and the event sponsor will host a Networking Event for all students, regardless of lab date you select.
  • Please allow 24 hours for Maverick Medical Education to review your provided information and send you the invoice. If you have not heard from us after more than 24 hours, feel free to contact us by emailing support@maverickmeded.com or calling us at 979-589-7979.
  • If your preferred day does not have any available seats, we will email you letting you know and ask if you can attend on a different day.
  • All available seats will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. We will not reserve a seat for someone who has not paid their invoice.
  • Do not impersonate a student or sign up for someone else (who may or may not be a student) to attend. If any information does not match between the sign up form or student ID we will alert you to the discrepancy but will not send you an invoice until the information matches. If someone shows up to the event who was not a student when they signed up or signed up under a different or false name/ID, they will not be permitted entrance to event.
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