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Introducing the inaugural SRNA/RRNA Essentials Nerve Block Event, hosted exclusively for current students!

Technical & Program Requirements

Technical & Program Requirements2023-12-19T17:46:21+00:00

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve purchased my course. What’s next?2023-12-19T17:49:54+00:00

Next steps: Visit your account page to access your course list. In order to gain access to a course, you must click on the “Go to Course” link under YOUR MAVERICK COURSES.

Once you click on the “Go to Course” link you will be redirected to our elearning website ( where you can access the course materials.

If your course is not listed on the account page, please email

What device should I use to access my content?2023-12-19T17:49:59+00:00

Our online modules are proprietary information, subject to copyright, and cannot be downloaded, printed, or reproduced. We recommend that online modules be completed on a desktop, laptop, or iPad with a high-speed internet connection and it is recommended to use the Google Chrome Browser. IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO COMPLETE MODULES ON A MOBILE DEVICE.

I’m having trouble accessing my content on my mobile device.2024-02-12T17:46:06+00:00

If you use the Skyepack app on your phone or tablet, some of the interactive functions will not work. We recommend using the App as a reference tool such as to access the VIPs when you are out and about but not to complete the program.

You will get full functionality of the modules if you use a browser and log-in to the program through our website at or go to and click on Access Courses in the menu bar. We recommend using the Google Chrome browser to access your content.


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