Maverick Medical Education is committed to providing the best possible education for medical providers throughout the country. By teaching pain relief and management techniques to those in the medical field, we can provide better outcomes for patients, helping them get back to their lives and preventing harmful side effects from other, less ideal methods of pain relief. Our Regional Anesthesia- Advanced course has gotten even more equipped with helping patients across the country.

Regional Anesthesia- Advanced

In addition to Regional Anesthesia- Essentials course, our Maverick team offers an advanced course for those already able to complete the blocks in the essentials course. The advanced course provides instruction on a number of blocks, including Paravertebral, Erector Spinae, Suprascapular, and more. These blocks are ultrasound assisted to provide the best placement possible when applied to real-life needs. The course provides ten Class A AANA Continuing Education hours and will expand your abilities tremendously.

Additions to the Course

As our Maverick instructors interact with each group of students and evaluate what is needed in our own practices, fields, or leadership roles, changes are made in many ways. Some of our adjustments are minor, similar to any teaching practice where we learn a new way to phrase something for better comprehension or tweak a method for better results. Other times we make larger adjustments like providing additional methods and techniques that we feel best fit into a specific course. Recently, continuous peripheral nerve block catheter placement and management was added to the Regional Anesthesia- Advanced course. There are a number of times in pain relief when this type of block with catheter placement is imperative for a patient and adding this valuable skill into the course made sense when evaluating what students needed to better provide for their practices. This can be used during surgery and after, for recovery purposes, relieving pain, and improving patient outcomes.

Why Maverick?

Maverick Medical Education provides a number of courses in pain management techniques and in Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS). Our courses are taught in a flipped model. Upon registering for a course, you will have immediate access to online modules that provide readings, slides, videos, and instruction to begin your learning. These modules are self-paced, interactive, and available for you to review, again and again as needed. This flexibility is perfect for those working in the medical field already, so they can learn from any internet-connected device when they are able. After completing your modules, an in-person lab component of the course will teach the methods of high-quality, pulsatile cadavers or live models. Small class sizes and pre-learning allows for repetition, making each of our students proficient once the course is complete.

This course is available for registration now. There are additional offerings of other courses if you need to work on other skills and techniques. To learn more, contact Maverick Medical Education. We can help you learn pain management and relief to help your patients, today.

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