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After graduating from the University of Nebraska School of Anesthesia, Steve started a private anesthesia practice in Central Nebraska. The practice began with four hospital contracts covered by two CRNAs. Twenty years later, the practice had grown to six CRNAs covering nine Hospitals.

There was a tremendous need for a modernized dynamic anesthesia practice in these rural areas, and the incorporation of regional anesthesia and a comprehensive pain management practice allowed many of these small hospitals to provide state of the art anesthesia and surgical care.

After 40 years of clinical practice in a high paced broad based practice, additional college education, and extensive involvement in protecting and expanding nurse anesthesia practice through regulatory and legislative participation, Dr. Wooden is now focusing on teaching undergraduate and practicing CRNAs.

Publications, Research, & Credits

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  • University Tennessee College of Nursing 
  • University of Nebraska Medical Center Nurse Anesthesia Program 
  • Kansas University Medical Center Nurse Anesthesia Master's program 
  • Duke University DNP program


  • Adjunct Faculty, Texas Christian University Chronic Pain Fellowship Program
  • Adjunct Faculty, Bryan School of Nurse Anesthesia, Lincoln Nebraska
  • Past President of the National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA)
  • Past Chairman of the Nebraska State Board of Health
  • Past Chairman of the Nebraska Advanced Practice Nursing Board


  • Dr. Wooden has been in private anesthesia practice for over 40 years. His practice had a strong non-surgical pain management focus, as well as providing comprehensive anesthesia services in all aspects of anesthesia care.  
  • He is currently teaching non-surgical pain management and undergraduate anesthesia content.

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