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Director of Operations

Austin solves the challenge of the day using his expertise in leadership, instructional design, health education, and operational technology. Born and raised in Texas, he learned at an early age the importance of dedication to a craft. During his pursuit of a Masters in Education with Texas A&M University, Austin began to question “Why not create better ways to train medical professionals online?” Maverick Medical Education soon became his catalyst for this new paradigm in online instruction. He is valued for his abilities to plan course designs, implement powerful teaching technology, and execute daily production assignments with his team. He is a team player who puts emphasis on the adage “teamwork makes the dream work”. In his spare time, Austin enjoys biking, watching football, and making every minute count. His passion towards media, design, and technology keep him easily entertained.

Publications, Research, & Credits

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  • Masters of Education: Educational Technology - Texas A&M University

  • Bachelors of Science: Health Education - Texas A&M University


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  • Director of Operations - Maverick Medical Education

  • Director of Operations and Instructional Design - Skyepack Inc.

  • Assistant Director of Online Instruction - Digital Learning Technology

  • Instructional Designer - California State University Northridge

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