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Our courses at Maverick Medical Education are each designed to help medical providers who want to increase their skills and techniques, to provide additional pain relief and management options to their clients and communities. One of the numerous courses we offer is a course about Regional Anesthesia Essentials. As you are evaluating what you may want to select from our courses, this is a great place to start, as you will learn vast amounts of knowledge that you can transfer to your clinical setting almost immediately.

What is Regional Anesthesia?

There are four major groupings of anesthesia, with regional anesthesia being one of them. Local anesthesia is concentrated in a very small part of the body and blocks pain but not necessarily pressure. General anesthesia is what is thought of as “going all the way under” as the anesthesiologist will put the patient in a simulated sleep. Both neuraxial and regional anesthesia fall somewhere in the middle of these two, with regional anesthesia being a little more specific in its space. According to Harvard Medicine, “local anesthetics are injected near clusters of nerves to numb a larger area, or region, of the body.” Very typical examples of this are regional anesthesia being administered to the armpit for hand surgery or into the neck to relieve certain ailments.

What does our course cover?

The Regional Anesthesia Essentials course covers major blocks that can be applied in several settings throughout medicine. Students will find that their pre-learning modules, when combined with the proficiency lab, will make their skills usable immediately. The blocks taught include the interscalene, supraclavicular, axillary, femoral, and more. By teaching essential blocks located in different parts of the body with a number of different applications, we are ensuring our students can better serve their clinical settings. We also teach the importance of ultrasound assistance and postoperative pain management.

Why Maverick Medical Education?

Maverick Medical Education provides top-tier education and training for those looking to continue developing medical skills, whether that is learning about regional anesthesia or some other course we teach. Our Maverick training team has decades of experience to pull from in a variety of clinical and teaching settings. This knowledge base allows us to continue refining and honing on what our students best benefit from knowing. Additionally, with Maverick, your training can begin immediately. Once you register for our course, you will have coursework and material available at your fingertips from any internet-connected device. This accessibility allows you to meet the needs of your schedule, learning, and training when you are able. With our flipped classroom model, all of your content learning will be done ahead of hands-on, in-person training with our Maverick trainers. You will have the base of knowledge you need to learn the actual skills and techniques once we meet in person, and you will gain repetition to be knowledgeable and comfortable with every regional anesthesia block and method we offer.

If you are interested in our Regional Anesthesia Essentials course or one of our other courses, contact us today! We have many options to choose from and build upon to ensure you are gaining the skills that help you better serve your medical practice. These courses count towards continuing education, and our Mavericks are here to support you as you learn. Learn more or register today!

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